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Digital Based Innovation and Design

This subject is available as a postgraduate-level MBA subject offered by the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS). Please click the button below to find a postgraduate course suitable for you.


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Subject Type:


Subject Level:


Credit Points:

4 credit points

Subject Rationale:

This subject is an applied and experiential study of how digital technologies have disrupted various industries and how businesses can design digitally based innovations to achieve competitive advantage.   

Students explore how the theory and practice of digital design and disruption effect innovations on incumbent industries. In using a design thinking and agile approach to developing new products, processes and services, students apply the processes for problem identification, methods for ideation, and conceptualisation of a digitally based innovation.  

Learning Outcomes:

a) Evaluate theoretical frameworks and models relevant to digital based innovation in business

b) Critically review a range of digital innovations and disruption approaches, principles and practices in relation to selected industry contexts

c) Apply design principles and practices to identify business opportunities and plan for enhancing competitive advantage

d ) Conceptualise a digitally based innovation project and establish how value is created

Assessment Information:

Learning outcomes for this subject are assessed using a range of assessment tasks as described in the table below.