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Managing In The Global Context

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Subject Aim:

Understanding cultural differences and effectively managing these differences are critical to working and communicating in multicultural and international business environments. This subject provides an advanced conceptual and theoretical framework for analysing and understanding the ways in which cultures differ. The subject focuses on how cultural differences impact on organisations and constrain communication and knowledge transfer, and also considers strategies for managing and valuing the diversity within organisations.

The aim of this subject is to enhance your understanding of cultural intelligence and cultural differences and the impact this has on the global business environment. You will learn how to analyse and interpret the multicultural ‘big picture’ in which global companies operate, through a comparison of organisational behaviour and communication across different countries and cultures.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Analyse and interpret the diverse socio-cultural context in which global companies operate and demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility.

b) In a teamwork environment, analyse and compare organisational behaviour across countries and cultures.

c) Apply advanced theoretical concepts and analytical skills to develop evidence-based decisions to address contemporary global management issues.

d) Critically evaluate major cultural attributes, including communication styles and ethical relativism, to inform management decision making

e) Apply critical thinking, leadership and problem-solving to enhance organisational business operations and stakeholder management.


Student Assessment: