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Media Management

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Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

The overall aim of this subject is to examine strategic marketing communications so as to fit the media to the market. It examines different aspects of integrated marketing communication from an advanced viewpoint. Planning, analysing and implementing the marketing communication process requires a thorough understanding of the audience and environment, measurement and the media itself. This subject discusses a wide range of marketing communications tools, media and communication techniques and focuses on the need for contemporary organisations to communicate effectively and efficiently with their target markets.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of key concepts and approaches relevant to Integrated Marketing Communication
  2. Know the communication process and its role in Marketing (How marketing communication works)
  3. Understand the operation of different media and communication platforms
  4. Understand the media strategy and planning
  5. Critically assess the appropriateness of different marketing strategies and tactics relevant to the marketing and communications industry

Student Assessment: