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Media Management

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Subject Rationale:

In today’s hyper-competitive markets, organisations across sectors from public to private and from small to large need to develop strong competencies to deliver strategic messages to their target audience and manage how their brands, products and public image are perceived, strengthened and protected against competition. Media management is a subject that has been specifically developed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to help organisations to achieve these goals. This subject covers the foundation of media, the model of integrated marketing communication, advantages and disadvantages of print, broadcast, support, digital and social media, and outline the key steps in crafting and executing media strategies and media plans. Students engage in media scheduling and key metrics in assessing the effectiveness of different media plans for events, and also typical products and services. The assessments have been designed to carefully gauge students’ learning key concepts, theories and applications. with these in mind, the overall aim of the subject is to equip students with a holistic view of media management and how students can leverage their understanding to benefit organisations across sectors and industries.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Critique the key concepts and the communication process involved in integrated marketing communication.

b) Evaluate the operation of different media and communication platforms.

c) Determine and apply an appropriate media strategy.

d) Appraise the appropriateness of different marketing strategies and tactics relevant to the marketing and communications industry.


Student Assessment: