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Responsible Leadership

Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

The ability to lead and manage change underpins organisational success in contemporary business settings characterised by complexity and the knowledge-based and disruptive gig economy. Responsible leadership is about making decisions that consider the needs of all stakeholders, such as workers, clients and suppliers, as well as sustainability responsibilities. It is recognised that successful business leaders achieve outcomes through using the principles of responsible leadership. Responsible leadership entails a broader, beyond profit view of the purpose of business which incorporates socio- environmental issues and long-term sustainability principles as core drivers of strategy, change and innovation.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyse and interpret the theoretical frameworks underpinning responsible leadership
  2. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of contemporary business leaders by applying relevant leadership theories and concepts
  3. Apply responsible leadership theoretical frameworks and principles to the planning of organisational change and innovation.
  4. Utilise personal reflection and relevant theoretical frameworks to analyse personal leadership strengthes and develop strategies for improvement.

Student Assessment: