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Airline Management

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Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

Airline transportation plays a vital role in facilitating economic growth and tourism development. Tourism depends on airlines to bring visitors, while the airline industry depends on tourism to generate demand for its services. Understanding how an airline business operates is crucial for professionals working in the tourism industry.

This subject aims to examine broad aspects of operating and managing airlines, airline marketing plans, strategies and models. Students apply airline business strategy concepts including airline network, scheduling, revenue, and business models by managing simulated regional airlines. Working individually and collaboratively, students will make decisions on how best to position their airline and develop an operational plan to support that strategy to maintain positive cash flow and make a profit for their company.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Explain the link between airline strategic management and key operational, managerial and regulatory concepts

b) Formulate a business strategy for an airline

c) Appraise the operational and financial performance of an airline

d) Analyse and present financial, operational and strategic results of airline annual reports

Student Assessment:

(G)* = Group Assessment