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Entrepreneurship Foundations And Mindset

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Subject Code:


Subject Aim:

The subject aims to introduce the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, the characteristics of entrepreneurs, and the “mindset” of the entrepreneurship in individuals and organisations. Students can gain an overview of the lean business start-up process, assess their own “mindset” for entrepreneurship and map out their journey to develop their mindset and skillset as entrepreneurs. The aim of the subject is for students to learn about themselves as people and thus identify what type of entrepreneur they would be.

The subject develops capacity to leverage ecosystems to advance venture creation and/or become a catalyst within them. Student entrepreneurs are exposed to various stakeholders and players at a local, national and global level. Student entrepreneurs study the characteristics of leading entrepreneurial ecosystems, entrepreneurial support systems and government policy making. Upon completion of the subject, student entrepreneurs would have developed their confidence in building and expanding entrepreneurial relationships.

The subject also introduces concepts and characteristics of social enterprises. This subject will guide the entrepreneurs to have a deeper sense of moral and social commitment through their entrepreneurial journey.

The subject also provides students different techniques and tools to practise enterprise resilience including internal and external methods.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Identify concepts of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset in individuals.

b) Review personal entrepreneurial mindset developed throughout the course.

c) Explain fundamentals of resilience in entrepreneurs.

d) Identify opportunities and levers to influence your entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Student Assessment:

(G)* = Group Assessment