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Management Accounting II

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Subject Aim:

This subject builds upon the knowledge and skills students have gained through Management Accounting I. It further examines how management accountants engage with organisation’s leadership team in creating value and contribute to strategy development and implementation.

This subject aims to equip students with a variety of management accounting skills and knowledge to enable a greater understanding of business and managing a variety of stakeholder interests. It incorporates discussion on the best practices in management accounting as outlined by the Global Management Accounting Principles.

The subject will assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of advanced management accounting skills, measurement tools and practices. The use of data, information, information systems for decision making and the latest information technology trends in management accounting are explored as well. The cost management and management accounting control systems are explored within a broader social, environmental and organisational context.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Describe how the various management tools and techniques are used by management for planning, decision making, performance evaluation and business control.

b) Explain the organisational, social and environmental context of management accounting.

c) Explain how management accounting practices can improve stakeholder value.

d) Apply a range of measurements tools for costing, pricing, performance evaluation and business control.

e) Examine the impact of data, information and information 2,3 systems on organisational decision-making and performance.

Student Assessment: