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Tourism, Technology And Innovation

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Subject Aim:

Technology and innovation have changed the way of travelling and the tourist landscape. An understanding of tourism technology and innovation is necessary in achieving competitive advantages in the world of increasing connectivity, augmented reality, robots and artificial intelligence.

This subject examines the adoption and impact of information, communication and technology (ICT) and innovations on various sectors in the tourism industry. Links between innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and competitive advantage will be investigated. Application of the innovation process to a range of tourism enterprises from small business to large corporations will be examined. The risks and benefits of technology and innovation as well as factors affecting the success or failure of tourism products and services will be discussed through case studies.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Describe factors that drive product and service innovation in tourism industry.

b) Outline appropriate information, communication and technologies (ICT) and innovation management theories to support tourism organisations.

c) Discuss the application of ICTs and innovations on various sectors in the tourism industry.

d) Explain tourism related data for better decision-making.

Student Assessment: