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Trends And Issues In The Visitor Economy

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Subject Aim:

The hospitality and tourism industry is a global industry. It is international due to its mobility and expectations of consumers, the mobility of the labour force, and the internationalisation of products, the impact of multinational hospitality and tourism companies as well as international education.

This subject aims to create an awareness of global trends and issues in the visitor economy. It will develop an understanding of the major influences affecting the international tourism and hospitality business environments and enable you to assess the strategic implications of emerging trends resulting from globalisation.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Identify the global trends and issues within the tourism and hospitality industry.

b) Examine the key drivers of globalisation arising from these global trends within the tourism and hospitality industry.

c) Investigate the contributions and impacts of global trends on tourism and hospitality industry.

d) Explain the strategic implications of the continued influence of these global trends within the tourism and hospitality industries.

Student Assessment: