Industry Training

Industry Training forms part of all ICMS undergraduate degrees.  You are required to undertake a placement with an approved employer where you gain experience out in the work place that is relevant to your degree. It is an opportunity to prepare for your future professional career by gaining relevant experience in your chosen industry. You will also learn the skills required and gain contacts for your future career.

Industry Training placement entails working for a minimum of 780 hours over the course of two study periods for undergraduate and up to 600 hours for postgraduate. This can equate to approximately nine months' placement for undergraduate degree students. Assessments consist of assignments and evaulations where you can reflect on your academic learning. Support and guidance is given throughout your interviews and your industry placement.

Starting from your first trimester at ICMS, you are in contact with your Industry Training Facilitator. The Industry Training department will assist you to prepare your resume and presentation skills including professional attire. In the trimester prior to going out for placement, you undertake interview skills training and are given information about work place behaviour. You will then be ready to be considered by potential employers to secure a placement. 

The industry training team are in regular contact with employers who partner with us to offer you a great work integrated learning experience. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to meet with potential employers at career fairs held on campus.