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Entrepreneurial Business Model And Launch

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Subject Aim:

The purpose of this subject is to define and identify aspects of a strong business model. Entrepreneurs who have considered legal ramifications of their business before it is launched are already protecting their intellectual property effectively. Students will consider how to organise and cultivate their business operations and talent when it is early in its inception. Students will examine the impact finances and managing risk effectively will have on the growth of a business.

The subject material ranges from customer discovery and design thinking, to rapid prototyping (of both offers and business models), bootstrapping methods and communicating/selling the vision for a new venture.

A major goal of the subject is to enable students to articulate the elements that go into a viable business model and to prepare them to successfully present a meaningful and holistic business proposition.

This subject focuses on preparing businesses for launch. Class sessions will cover go-to-market and unit economic models, alternative financing strategies, preparing and delivering effective presentations and other topics relevant to launching high-growth businesses.

Students will also meet individually with the lecturer to discuss their progress toward launch, address issues and obstacles, and identify resources, mentorship opportunities and potential partners. Support is provided via student and class collaboration, faculty mentoring and access to industry experts.

Learning Outcomes:

a) Deconstruct a business model.
b) Outline the mission of a business and the value propositions of its products and services.
c) Select the necessary resources to carry out a business launch.
d) Examine the legal and risk implications of launching a business.
e) Demonstrate lean methods in launching a minimum viable prototype (MVP).

Student Assessment: