Under 18’s

ICMS acknowledges its responsibilities to ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place and its duty of care for students under the age of 18. We aim to ensure that younger students receive the appropriate accommodation, support and general welfare while in Australia.

All unaccompanied minors (under 18 years of age) studying in Australia must have a carer, or guardian while in the country. Students should live with their carer and that person will be responsible for their welfare whilst in Australia.


The student has the option to live on campus in our student residences, Kelly House and Moran House. The House Manager will serve as the student’s guardian whilst they live on campus at ICMS. Resident Advocates are dedicated to the ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ program – an initiative to improve the overall wellbeing of students under the age of 18.


Minors have the option to live in a ‘homestay’ environment. This can be a good experience for minors, as they will be placed in a home and will therefore have extra support and in most situations also have a ‘host family’.

1) Student Guardians – International Student Alliance

International Student Alliance provides a national network of professional guardians/welfare and care services, to support and mentor students studying in Australia.

International Student Alliance (Guardian & Welfare Service) was founded in 1998, to provide high quality care and welfare support services to international students. Over the years they have grown to become the largest independent guardian company in Australia.

The Guardian/Care Giver is an independent person whom the student can rely upon for guidance, advice and support on a range of issues, including academic progress, coaching, personal welfare, social and emotional issues, financial guidance, general safety and security.

2) Homestay

Homestays are a great way to experience Aussie life whilst studying in the country. It can also provide for a great opportunity for international students wanting to learn and practice their English skills as well as offering an insight into our culture and way of life. The experience can be very rewarding and many life-long friendships are made.

The College recommends students use either Australian Homestay Network (AHN) or Study Vision or Aussie Families when searching for a homestay. They are approved homestay providers.

These companies are trusted under 18 homestay providers for some of Australia’s largest universities and colleges. Homestay offers a safe and supportive environment where you are able to practice your English, enjoy home cooked meals and make lasting friendships with your host family. These providers are well-known and reputable, they are committed to ensuring that each experience is enriching, safe and memorable for both hosts and guests. They will match each student with a host family living close to ICMS, the host will offer a private bedroom, a previously agreed upon meal plan and will help the student in learning the local transportation systems and local customs.

  • The Under 18 Student Policy establishes the framework to ensure appropriate accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements are in place for students at the Institution who are under 18 years of age
  • The Accommodation Rules apply to all students occupying student accommodation. Students should familiarise themselves with the Accommodation Rules if they are considering or currently staying in student accommodation.