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Ignite purpose

High performance can often feel like touching the moon, at Ignite Purpose we make it simpler, measurable and help you achieve lift in performance, engaged people and ultimately ROI. Ignite Purpose is a performance improvement consulting and coaching practice. We specialise in helping people and organisations translate challenges into opportunties and opportunities into results.

Our belief

We believe that people are central to the success of every organisation. We also acknowledge that people choose to step into ownership, accountability and ultimately performance.
We therefore need to:

  • start with people (Mindset, Impact, Outcomes)
  • help leaders consider the environment and culture
  • ensure performance measures are clear
  • build and engage the journey of high performance in partnership

Solutions architects

No One organisation is the same. To help you find the solutions that best suit your team we help you conceptualise, design, craft and implement your High Performance program. To achieve this we use various best practice models and methods: Assessment, Consulting, Coaching, Business Simulations, Team and Organisation Charter design, Behaviour profiling, 360 Behavioural assessments, customised skill and learning programs and finally we make sure we work in partnership with you to continually measure, tweak and tailor.

Sustainable change in behaviour

We know that sustainable change in behaviour is a journey, in our approach we realise we need to align, engage and enable people for success. Without this approach we only educate vs create real growth, application and change.
ALIGN – help people understand the big picture and the case for change
ENGAGE – help leaders own their role in creating the bigger picture and help them build the environment for the future
ENABLE – we provide the team with the right mindset, skills and measures to help them understand success and how to get there. We finally support leaders with their role-coaching, reinforcing and building sustainable growth and outcomes.

How do we help you?

It starts with a conversation to provide clarity and understanding of what you actually need to achieve high performance and for us to understand the challenges and impacts you may face. We work with you to tailor and craft your High Performance solution.

Our high performance programs

Team alignment – Working with others can be challenging and learning how to align with others can create a better understanding of the self and the team, and helps create a culture of performance. We use our expertise to challenge strategy, alignment and communication within teams and organisations. Programs can run from just a single day to any daily sessions over a few months. To support the coaching activities, we use behaviour profiling and 360 degree assessments.
Executive coaching – Our programs challenge leaders to create a personal commitment to their team and prioritise key measures of success. Insights are given on how to own impact and communicate in a way that builds engagement and business outcomes. Sessions are between 1 and 1.5 hours each with a commitment of 6 sessions. Face to face, online or over the phone. To support the coaching activites, we use behaviour profiling and/or 360 degree assessments.
Team and leadership coaching – Team and leadership coaching programs provide team members and leaders with a foundation to coaching in a safe environment. Coaching is key to personal growth as well as supporting strategy and alignment in organisations. We use behaviour profiling and/or 360 degree assessments to support the coaching activities that allow you to understand yourself and how to best engage with other team members.
Leadership development – Leadership development programs are highly interactive. They involve simulations, reflection journals, coaching, workshops, case studies, best practice leadership modules, tools and role plays. Leaders are central to the team and we will challege your leader’s ability to drive performance through people. Assignments vary depending on client requirements. Sessions from a minimum of 4 hours to a full day.
Sales – Our sales model is based on creative value and rapport in a team. Our unique sales approach is called the value continuum and it challenges cavrious stages of value and impact in the customer and buyers’ world. We fully custom and tailor content to suit your organisation’s models and current practices. Therefore they can range from 2 days to 12 months.

Our Team – coaches & facilitators

Christina Foxwell – has the underlying philosophy, that people are central to the success of every organisation which means she is drive to align people and business to reach peak performance. She is passionate about getting employees to realise their potential thereby creating a solid foundation for organisations to achiefe high performance. Christina is the founder of Ignite Purpose and has built a proficient, enthusiastic team who are committed to motivated and empowering people across a wide range of organisations.
Jacky Stapelberg – has many years experience managing teams in the world of finance both in Australia and overseas. She has mentored business owners to successfully run their businesses and achieve peak performance. Jacky’s focus is fostering relationships with clients. She is an accredited DISC Facilitor and thrives on getting the best out of people.
Carolees Jacobs – is driven to help . teams work together. She is DISC accredited and has expertise in the behavioural profiling field of consulting. She also loves to facilitate global simulations across a wide range of organisations bringing fun and insightful off-sites sessions to our clients. She is very motivated to help our clients to achieve successful results and drive high performance.