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Celebrating Teaching Excellence at ICMS Faculty Day

Celebrating Teaching Excellence at ICMS Faculty Day

September 6, 2022

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has acknowledged the quality and expertise of their teaching staff through a range of rewards and recognition at the recent ‘Faculty Day’, held at the ICMS main campus on 25 August.

The ICMS Scholarship of Learning and Teaching (SoLT) committee awarded a Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) and Scholarly Activity Grant (SAG), while the academic management team acknowledged lecturers who have excelled in their practice – those scoring highly in Student Evaluations of Teacher and Unit (SETU).

Up to 75 faculty members of ICMS attended this thrice yearly event. While the day is a great opportunity to acknowledge academic and teaching excellence it is allows all staff, both new and old, to come together and learn from guest presenters and one another.

“Faculty Day gives our academic staff the opportunity to come together and reflect on their own teaching practices, learn from each other, and gain new inspiring insights,” Dr Heidi Le Sueur, DVC (Learning and Teaching) said.

This trimester, Dr Prashan Karunaratne from Macquarie University Business School, ran a workshop on Active Learning which encouraged lecturers to rethink the way they engage their students both online and in the classroom.

Scholarship & Teaching awards

“The ultimate purpose of the ICMS awards is to encourage learning and teaching excellence, to facilitate a culture of scholarship which leads to advanced knowledge and enriches our student’s learning experience in the ICMS classroom”.  Jonathan Hvaal (SOLT Director)

SoLT Award Winners

The SoLT committee acknowledges and congratulates ICMS faculty members who have gone above and beyond in the classroom.

Teaching Excellence Award (TEA)

Winner: Karen-Anne Nathan (Casual lecturer and Academic Integrity Lead for ICMS)

Scholarship Activity Grant (SAG) Award Winner

Awarded to a group of academics and Program Managers (PM): Dr Feras Orekat (Tourism) acting as Team Leader, along with Glenn Murray (PM) and Dr Andrew Le (PM). The grant will pave the way for research which seeks to improve the visitor experience at the ‘Q Station’ (an ICMS industry partner) on North Head, Manly, by comparing visitor expectations to actual encounters. After the research and writing phase, the team will present a working paper at the CAUTHE Conference in Perth, WA in February 2023.

Top Performers for SETU Scores

  1. Lydia Befekadu
  2. Dr Hemanath Swarna
  3. Fifita Evans
  4. Nassima Kennedy
  5. William O’Toole
  6. Katrina Denoux

“Our lecturers have excelled in their profession, and we acknowledge their achievements for the ICMS community,” said Dr Trevor Clark, Dean (Undergraduate).

SoLT Awards an Opportunity for Collective Reflection

“On Faculty Days we showcase the scholarly contributions of our Lecturers for the benefit of all. Most importantly, the knowledge, practices and advancements from our Academics and Industry experts translates straight into our classroom for the value of our students,” Le Sueur said.

She added that it was important to consider what is taught at ICMS, and examine how standards can be constantly improved.

All ICMS faculty are academically and professionally qualified.

“Ongoing scholarship activities can be research-led by our Faculty who contribute to new knowledge in their field as a result of rigorous research, or it can be based on industry informed know-how. The range of scholarship activities and impact is thus far-ranging,” Le Sueur concluded.

The Scholarship of the faculty forms a significant part of the culture and purpose at ICMS.

“Here we create a community of practice, and we multiply wisdom, experience and passion with how and what we teach to students,” affirmed Hvaal.

For more on the Active Learning workshop which formed a key part of the ICMS Faculty Day, click here.





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