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Five Seasons at the Four Seasons

Five Seasons at the Four Seasons

September 8, 2020

The outstanding career progression at the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts of International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Alumna, Charlotte Trickey (nee Bender), all began with her Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement at the luxury hotel chain.

Today Charlotte is still at the Four Seasons, having worked in several departments, from Concierge to Reservations and Guest Experience, over the past five years. Today she is their Executive Club Manager.

WIL placements are built into all bachelor and master’s degrees, so ICMS students like Trickey graduate with more than just a degree. It is an opportunity to prepare for a professional career through gaining relevant experience in a chosen industry, learning the skills required and building invaluable networks. For many like Trickey, these internships translate into employment post-graduation, with almost 90% of ICMS students employed in their field before they graduate. * (Internal Graduate Survey, 2018)

Tricky attributes her success to a mentality that was instilled in her by one of her first managers. “Attitude is everything – you can teach skill, but you can’t teach attitude. As a manager myself, I now understand the importance of staff members with a professional and genuine attitude who are willing to work hard and better themselves every day.”

“I have a great passion for creating connections with both guests and colleagues which I believe has allowed me to grow and succeed in each of these tasks.”

Trickey’s secrets for success have landed her on an enviable career trajectory and it doesn’t look like she is slowing down anytime soon. “I started working at the Four Seasons during my degree and then used my connections to gain a place with the Concierge Team. After a year and a half, I joined the ‘Manager in Training Program’ and moved to Reservations. Afterwards, I transferred across to the Front Desk Team as the Guest Experience Manager, where I was responsible for a majority of VIP guests and assisting Front Desk. I was then promoted to Executive Club Manager where I am now able to manage my own team and department.”

During her five-year stint at the Four Seasons, Trickey has learned crucial skills which have been instrumental in her accomplishments. “Over my time here, I learnt the incredible skills of thinking on your feet, meeting guests’ high expectations and always going above and beyond to not only meet the guest’s expectation but exceed it.”

Trickey offers advice to those who are looking to begin their tertiary education – “I would encourage any student starting their studies to try and get a role within their chosen industry even if it’s just casual to get their foot in the door and start their journey.”

The ICMS Industry Training Program is exemplary in the Australian tertiary sector.  ICMS believes that the best learning experience combines practical and ‘real world’ experience with a strong academic foundation. With a WIL Team who work with over 1000 industry partners, including the prestige hotel chain the Four Seasons; students like Trickey can ‘get a foot in the door’ all while studying towards their degree.


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