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Two Decades of Community Building: ICMS and the Manly Business Chamber

Two Decades of Community Building: ICMS and the Manly Business Chamber

November 16, 2023

The twenty year relationship between Manly Business Chamber (MBC) and the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is a partnership that benefits both the Northern Beaches community and the higher education institution.

ICMS is currently a Gold Partner of the Chamber and ICMS Chief Operations Officer Cameron Stewart sits on the executive committee as Manly Business Chamber Treasurer.

Over the years, ICMS representatives have been involved in various MBC sub-committees, with some even standing for Chamber President.

The ICMS Northern Beaches campus overlooks Manly, and is a community landmark fondly known as ‘the castle on the hill’.

The Manly Business Chamber, previously known as the Manly Chamber of Commerce, is a non-profit organisation funded by annual membership fees from local institutions and business.

All profits raised are invested back into local projects that uplift the community and which support cohesion among stakeholders. This positive upward spiral benefits all who live in Manly and the Northern Beaches.

The Chamber advocates for members through regular consultation with Council, State and Federal governments. Monthly networking events fosters collaboration between members, as connections grow and the Manly business community gains strength.

Civic Leadership in Action

“ICMS has always valued the Manly Business Chamber for the role it plays in our community, and it has been a pleasure and privilege to represent the college on the executive committee,” Stewart said.

The executive committee, led by Chamber President Ashling O’Brien and Vice President Kyla Kelleher, has been integral in creating change and improvements with Council in a drive to improve the Manly experience.

This includes initiating upgrades, precinct planning, marketing of the area and holding events, as well as implementing alterations in policies and reductions in fees and charges.

In addition to the executive committee, ICMS representatives also sit on MBC sub-committees.

Meegan Clancy, Aspiring Properties Project Manager, is on the Property Owners Group Sub-Committee, which oversees the Manly CBD Special Levy. Chamber collaborates with Northern Beaches Council (NBC) to ensure the levy is well spent in the investment of infrastructure in Manly.

Stewart sits on both the Environment and Accommodation MBC sub-committees.

The Environment sub-committee looks at what can be done to highlight the natural beauty of Manly, and ensuring sustainable practices are adopted and implemented to look after the area for future generations.

The Accommodation sub-committee looks after the interests of over 600 accommodation rooms in Manly, looking at creative solutions to issues such as quieter weekday periods and low occupancy outside of weekends and special events.

Together with ICMS Executive Officer Natalie Watt, Stewart also represents MBC and ICMS in the newly created Chamber Collective.

The ICMS-MBC connection

According to ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney-O’Connor, the success of the partnership between MBC and ICMS shows the powerful impact that comes from community and collaboration, and working together towards a common goal.

A major benefit of the partnership between ICMS and the MBC is that students are provided with opportunities to connect with the local community and with local industry.

These educational and professional opportunities for students run parallel to the educational expertise ICMS can offer MBC as a leading higher education institution rooted in the community.

“The ICMS Motto of ‘Vision. Integrity. Purpose’ plays out in our partnership with Manly Business Chamber in more ways than in an official capacity as Gold Partner and with Cameron on the Executive Committee,” Courtney-O’Connor said.

“We believe in showing our students that they can learn from industry right on our doorstep, and that they can be community leaders, actively making the world around them better through connecting and uplifting others in our shared community.”

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