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Howzat! Cricket NSW internship for ICMS sports student

Howzat! Cricket NSW internship for ICMS sports student

October 18, 2022

Not only has International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) sports management student Andrew Freeman thrived in his internship at Cricket NSW, he has been offered a further role straight after his industry training – adding valuable sport industry experience to his resume before he even graduates!

Andrew is on track to finish his ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) degree in 2023.

His ICMS industry placement at Cricket NSW was as a Community Cricket Officer.

“This role involves working with the team as a part of youth participation in the sport,” Andrew explained.

“I travel to schools and cricket clubs to promote the game of cricket to children aged between 5 and 15. We provide them with the essentials to play the game and give them the chance to become great cricketers in the future.”

He is also involved in the organisation, running and leading of specific cricket programs put together for specific groups.

ICMS WIL Program leads to Niche Internships –like Cricket NSW for a sports management student

The Cricket NSW internship was organised by the ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program.

WIL makes use of ICMS’ industry partners –well over 1000 of them –to place each student in a role uniquely suited to their career interests and ambitions. In addition to Cricket NSW, sports management students can choose from ICMS industry partners such as GWS Giants, Rabbitohs, Volleyball NSW, Manly United, Rowing NSW, Sydney Roosters, the Central Coast Mariners and more.

“Industry training in the sport industry helps me build connections and will help me find a job at the end of my studies. My internship at Cricket NSW will also help me gain accredited experience and contacts within the sport industry to see where I would travel to and work in the future,” Andrew said.

“I hope completing this part of my studies at ICMS will help me gain vital knowledge in the sport industry where I would love to work after I graduate.” Industry placements, or internships, are part of every degree and course offered by ICMS, a career-focused higher education institution located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney.

This was a major factor in Andrew’s decision to study at ICMS, and the Cricket NSW internship is helping him reach his goal of gaining contacts and experience within the sport industry.“The Sports Management team involved in industry training at ICMS helped me find a role with Cricket NSW which was amazing. This is now my professional placement as partof my degree as well as a future job within the industry.”

Cricket NSW internship gives idea of what a future career in the sport industry looks like

An internship at Cricket NSW has given Andrew a taste of what’s to come in his future career. It’s confirmed that his choice to study towards a sports management degree was a good call. “I’ve found that there are many ways to work within the sport industry, and you can choose which area to work in. For example, you can work in training set ups, fan experiences, mascot days, marketing and in many more areas,” he said.

Aiming for the Olympics 2032

“I have been in this industry now for a little over six months and have enjoyed every minute of it. The best thing about it, for me, is being involved with a sport or club. It is fantastic to see the next generation of sports stars start their sporting journey with our team at Cricket NSW,” Andrew said.

“I see myself in the sport industry and would love to be traveling the world working with some of the biggest sporting organisations or teams.”He’s aiming to be working with the Australian Cricket Team if it takes part in the Brisbane Olympics in 2032. With experience such as what he is gaining at Cricket NSW –and having already been offered further work there post-internship –Andrew’s right on track for a six not out.

More about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management).

In the multi-million dollar global sport industry, a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) will reward your passion for sport. Combining a head for business and a heart for the game, you can forge a lucrative career that will be as rewarding as it is challenging. You can make a career out of your passion for sport by studying sports management –the business end of sports and recreation.

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) gets you to wherever there is sport –which is just about everywhere. From athlete and facilities management to marketing and finance, a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) will prepare you for a leadership role in this intensely exciting business environment. Subjects focus on core business skills with the addition of specialised sports management subjects. Business subjects include sales and marketing; agile leadership, collaboration and managing people; strategic planning and innovative problem solving; and financial literacy. In your specialisation subjects you will be exposed to the global sports industry and gain insights into those areas of sport management vital for a successful career in this most exciting of industries.

Sports management and business subjects are supplemented by elective subjects from a range of business areas. Your choices include electives in marketing, international tourism, entrepreneurship, hospitality management and event management. This allows you to enhance your degree with subjects that reflect your interests and ambitions.

More about the ICMS Industry Training Internships (Work Integrated Learning)

The International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Program is exemplary in the Australian tertiary sector.ICMS’ vision is as ‘Australia’s leader of career-focused education’ and preparing students for success in their chosen career is our highest priority.

A central element in achieving this vision is Work Integrated Learning (also known as ‘Industry Training’,‘Internship’ or ‘Professional Placement’). Because all bachelors and masters degrees having built-in WIL subjects which include a professional placement, all ICMS students graduate with more than a degree. The WIL experience provides students up to two study periods of professional placement within an industry of their choice. This is an opportunity to prepare for their future career by developing their skills and gaining valuable contacts and networks. ICMS resource a dedicated office in support of WIL with a proud history of preparing and placing an average of up to 220 students per year as part of the WIL program.We could not do this without our industry partners. Our WIL Team have worked with over 1000 industry partners.

Long term partner, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has hosted 50+ students on industry Placement. Closer to home, Northern Beaches Council, Lakeba Group and the Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific have hosted many students on their industry Placement over the years. Our industry partners help ICMS to shape the leaders of tomorrow and their continued willingness to support and mentor our students speaks to the continued success of the WIL program.For many students, these internships translate into employment post-graduation, with almost 90% of ICMS students employed in their field of study.

*Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is any arrangement where a student undertakes learning in a workplace outside of the institution as a part of their course of study.At ICMS all degree students undertake professional workplace placements (which can also be known as internships, clinical placements, fieldwork, practicums) whether local, interstate or international.Bachelor degrees and Master’s degrees at ICMS offer two trimesters ofprofessional placement.Professional placements are usually organised by the ICMS WIL team, in consultation with the student. The WIL team are committed to monitoring and supporting the wellbeing and safety of students who are engaged in WIL.WIL experiences ensure that students have opportunities to further develop and demonstrate their learning –and build their professional networks.

*Internal Graduate Survey 2018*

Be the Champion of Your Own Career

Whether you dream of managing a star player or team, becoming a fitness or facilities manager, a sports media manager or any variation of these exciting roles within the global or local sports industry, the Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) will provide you with the transferable skills, industry experience and in-depth knowledge of business practices that will get you there.

Career options:

  • Player or Team Manager
  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Sponsorship Manager
  • Sports Promotion Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Sports Media Manager