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ICMS Bootbash Raises Funds for CEF and Rural Students’ Education

ICMS Bootbash Raises Funds for CEF and Rural Students’ Education

March 26, 2024

ICMS held a Bootbash event on 20 March that not only raised awareness of the unique challenges faced by regional and rural students in accessing further education, but also raised funds through a day of fun, games and country casuals.

Organised by the ICMS SRC and supported by the Culture Program Team, it was fun with a purpose, with funds raised helping provide direct support to Country Education Foundation (CEF) students in 2024 to help give them a promising start to the year.

Students and staff were asked to donate a “gold coin” and dress up in their best “country” outfit, complete with boots to suit the theme of “Helping rural and regional students give the cost of living crisis the boot”.

There was a lively atmosphere at the ICMS Northern Beaches campus, with country music playing and a bake sale offering delicious treats like homemade biscuits and cupcakes.

The ongoing Bandicoot Games, a competition between faculty members and students, became a “country edition”, featuring traditional country games like Ring Toss.

Leveling the playing field

CEF is a national not-for-profit organisation that supports rural and regional youth in accessing education, training and jobs through grants, scholarships, support services and resources.

“Supporting the Country Education Foundation is one way that we can make a contribution to bettering the lives of others. It helps these deserving students have the equitable access to be able to achieve their goals,” said Corey Bate (pictured above centre), ICMS Bachelor of Sports Management student from Nowra, and member of the SRC’s Community Engagement Team.

“The Country Education Foundation is important to me as a fellow student coming from a regional area.

“Unlike our counterparts in urban settings, rural students often lack consistent access to the resources necessary for their academic education.

“It’s just not fair that bright, intelligent, and passionate individuals struggle due to this disparity. We owe it to them to level the playing field.”

For many years, ICMS has teamed up with CEF to help hardworking students from rural areas achieve their education and career goals through the ICMS Professional Scholarship Program.

For more information on CEF, click here.