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ICMS Futsal Team Qualifies for University Games

ICMS Futsal Team Qualifies for University Games

August 29, 2017

The highly competitive and multi-cultural International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) Futsal team have qualified to take part in the Australian University Games (AUG) in Gold Coast in September after placing third at the Eastern University Games (NSW).

Futsal is consistently the most popular sport at ICMS. The squad that qualified for the AUG is made up of players from Vietnam, Norway, Australia, South Korea, Sweden, France, Holland and Germany. The event takes place in Gold Coast, Queensland, between 24 and 29 September. Last year, over 5600 student-athletes from across Australia took part in the six day, multisport event with a total of 34 sports on offer.

“I am really proud of this team as they truly represented ICMS with great passion in 2017,” coach and manager Velibor Jokovic said. “While my job was to mentor the team, to bring unity and to become ultra-competitive through our focus, quality and self-belief, all the glory and achievements really belong to the players.”

The ICMS Futsal team added a fifth trophy at local division 1 at North Manly. According to Jokovic, the Grand Final was a very close and entertaining game with a 3:2 result at halftime and a final score of 6:3. The ICMS Team will be back in October for Summer division 1.

Futsal is played with two teams and five players on each side. It is a played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors.

Jokovic was confident that the team that has done so well will reach even higher heights in future seasons.

“During the 2017 ICMS Futsal competition, Uni Games and Manly Winter season, we recruited well and formed true friendships, love and respect for each other. … Despite all the odds against us, with a new squad, the ICMS team clearly displayed character and went above and beyond in 2017. We are already looking towards the 2017/2018 summer season and EUG 2018. This is our fifth year, fifth trophy and second Uni games medal. I am really proud of the team and they are the frontrunners of ICMS Sport. Memories from 2017 will stay with everyone involved forever.”

The team: Jeremy Dinh, Anotine Guillet, Thomas Sima, Ben Bradford, David Choi, Johan Ekerlund, Hakon Gjorva, Enzo Merriman, Lukas Butzbach, Cornel Muller and Unai Bell Rincon.


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