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Bachelor of Sports Management: What You Should Know  

Bachelor of Sports Management: What You Should Know   

July 29, 2022

The sports management industry has grown a lot recently and offers great job opportunities for people who love sports and business. 

Getting a Bachelor of Sports Management can lead to lots of different jobs in the sports industry. These career options include organising events, marketing, running sports facilities, and working with the community. 

Since there’s a growing need for skilled people in this field, having a specialised degree can give you an advantage when looking for work. 

This blog will talk about why getting a Bachelor of Sports Management is important and give you helpful information for choosing your career path in the sports industry.

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Read on to get a more in depth look at a Bachelor of Sports Management.

Why should you study a Bachelor of Sports Management?

Having a bachelor degree in sports management is really important in today’s competitive job market in sports. 

This kind of degree helps people learn all about the business side of sports, like planning events, marketing, managing money, and running facilities. 

It also gives students the chance to get real-world experience through internships and practical classes, so they’re ready for the challenges they might face in their future jobs. 

Plus, lots of companies are looking for people who have studied sports management, so having a Bachelor’s degree can really help you start a great career in the sports industry.

This table shows a quick snapshot of the benefits of a sports management degree.

Thinking about a sports management degree? 

Ange describes how a degree in this field can help you break into the sports industry with a sports management degree from ICMS. 

The video highlights how one day you can be tapping into the community of sport with masterclasses with the likes of famous NRL stars one day, and the next day gain valuable work experience on industry placements with high profile sports teams.

@icmscampusGame On at ICMS! 🏆⚽️ Exploring the World of Sports Management! 🎓 #SportsDegree #ICMSLife #GameChanger♬ original sound – ICMS

Does all the talk of work placements at exciting sports teams and tapping into ICMS’s network make you dream of where you will be after you graduate? 

Look no further, dream more about Sports Management in Australia and where it can take you!

What is Sports Management?

Sports management is all about organising, planning, and looking after different parts of the sports industry. 

This includes making sure events go well, taking care of sports facilities, different sport programs, ​​ handling advertising and money matters, and representing athletes. 

It covers a wide range of areas such as pro sports teams, college sports, sports marketing companies, community organisations, and places where people do sports. 

People in sports management make sure that sports events run smoothly, that sports facilities are managed effectively, and they come up with plans to make things better for athletes, fans, and everyone involved. 

Also, sports management is really important for the business side of sports, like getting sponsors, creating a brand, and making money, which helps the sports industry succeed.

To learn more about where a bachelor of sports management could take you in Australia, click here

What type of career options are there in Sports Management?

A job in sports management opens up lots of different career options. 

You could go into sports marketing and promotion, where you’d work on ads, getting sponsors, and helping athletes get endorsement deals. 

Another choice is managing sports events or taking care of sports facilities. 

There are also jobs representing athletes and working for sports agencies, which involves looking after their careers and endorsements. 

Other opportunities include working in sports media, handling money in sports, and using technology for sports analysis. 

Each of these paths brings its own challenges and chances for people who love the sports industry.

Read all about sports management careers here.

Are You Passionate about Sports and Studying Sports at School?

If you love sports and are learning about them in school, you’re already on the right track to turning your passion into a brilliant career.

Working in sports and recreation is satisfying because you get to mix your love for sports with doing well in your job.

Studying sports at school can set you up well for going to college to study Sports Management after you finish school.

By focusing on the successful completion of your studies over the next few years full time, you’ll learn everything you need to be great in the sports industry.

Whether it’s coaching, managing sports teams, studying sports science, or any other job in the world of sports and recreation, your hard work at school can lead to an exciting and meaningful career in sports.

Booming sports industry = more sports jobs

The need for professionals in the sports industry is growing, which means there are more job opportunities for people who love sports and have different skills. 

As the sports industry gets bigger, there’s a greater demand for pros both full and part time in jobs like sports management, marketing, data analysis, and organising events. 

Also, because sports are becoming more global with new leagues and events popping up, there’s a need for pros who can work with international markets and different cultures. 

Plus, technology is becoming a big part of sports, so there’s a demand for skilled pros who understand things like sports science, data analysis, and digital media. 

In general, the sports industry is lively and full of career chances for people who want to turn their love for sports into a job. 

Getting a specialised degree in sports management includes internships

  • It gives you detailed knowledge about the sports industry, like how marketing, money, events, and sports laws work – all things that are important for doing well in this industry. 
  • Having this kind of degree can open up all kinds of job opportunities in sports organisations, pro teams, and sports marketing companies. 
  • It helps you make connections with important people in the industry, like professionals, mentors, and potential bosses. 
  • Plus, as part of your degree you get to practise before your graduate with internships and projects which teach you real-life skills. 
  • Finally, having a specialised degree shows that you’re serious about sports management and can make it easier to move up in your career or start your own business in the sports world.

Watch Sports Management student Gabriel de Sousa explain how his ICMS lecturer helped him get an internship as a brand ambassador at the FIFA Women’s World CupTM in Australia. 

“I always played or watched football in some way and FIFA is the biggest football/soccer organisation in the world. Working for them was just a dream. Being this young and having this kind of opportunity is just incredible.”

He also explains how his sports management degree was helping him in his role at Fifa due to increased confidence in knowing what the role needed from him. 

@icmscampus Gabriel an ICMS student studying a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) explains how ICMS helped him work at the @fifawomensworldcup #fifawomensworldcup2023 #fifaworldcup #fifa #Icms #college ♬ original sound – ICMS

Why Consider a Sports Degree That Includes Business?

Thinking about studying sports with business at the same time gives you a special chance to mix your love for sports with important business skills. 

When you join a program that combines sports and business, you can learn a lot about both areas, getting ready for many different jobs in the sports industry. 

Whether you want to run sports organisations, lead the marketing for sports brands, or start your own sports business, a degree that includes business gives you a well-rounded education.

Knowing about both sports and business helps you become an expert in the competitive sports industry, making it a great choice if you want an exciting and fulfilling career. 

Think about the benefits of going for this degree, as it can open up lots of opportunities after you finish business school.

Curriculum and Course Highlights

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) degree will give you a well-rounded education to help you succeed in the sports industry. 

The classes cover important subjects like sports marketing, finance in sports, event management, sports law, and strategic management for sports. 

In addition to classroom learning, you will get practical experience through internships or projects. 

  • Read more about ICMS’ industry leading professional placement / internship program here

This hands-on approach helps you apply what you have learned in real-life situations. 

By combining both theory and practical experience, you graduate with a strong understanding of sports management, ready to tackle the challenges of the industry.

  • Watch ICMS’ Dr Trevor Clark go through three things you need to know about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management).

Attention Future Sports Management Leaders 

Getting a sports management degree has lots of good points. 

  1. It gives you a strong base in both business and sports knowledge, which helps you learn important skills for different jobs in the sports industry. 
  2. The program often includes hands-on experiences like internships, which can help you understand how things work in the real world and make important connections in the industry. 
  3. Having a sports management degree can lead to many different kinds of careers, like in sports marketing, running sports facilities, organising events, or representing athletes. 
  4. People with this degree can benefit from being in a dynamic and always-changing industry, where they can help sports organisations and events grow and improve. 

Finally, having a bachelor of sports management can open up rewarding and important career opportunities in a field that many people really care about.

Click here to find out more about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management). 


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