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Should I Study a Degree?

Should I Study a Degree?

February 7, 2024

Are you wondering whether you should study a degree after school? Thinking of taking a gap year?

Deciding whether or not to get a degree depends on various factors. There’s no single answer that applies to everyone.

This article is a helpful guide for people trying to decide whether to go to college or university for a Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree.

We look into the discussion about whether a degree is valuable by looking at how it helps with careers and also considering the importance of real-world experience.

Important considerations include the potential for higher earnings and broader career opportunities, balanced with a look at personal ambition, job market trends, and financial investment.

We also touch on the often overlooked aspects of college life, from personal development to network building.

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Make an informed choice about your educational journey with our comprehensive overview.

An ongoing debate

The question of whether it’s worth getting a higher education or not has different viewpoints.

Some people think that having a degree gives you an advantage in finding better jobs and earning more money. They believe that the knowledge and critical thinking skills gained from formal education are valuable.

Then there are those who believe that practical experience and skills are more important than a degree. They argue that you can succeed through other paths like starting your own business, vocational training, or learning on your own.

Importance of a studying further

Here are a few reasons why you should study a degree:

  • Better job prospects and potential for higher earnings.
  • More career options compared to those without formal education.
  • Employers value degrees as they showcase knowledge, skills, and commitment.
  • A degree can lead to good jobs that need specialised knowledge, critical thinking, and practical skills.

Watch Year 12 student Charli ask current ICMS student Daria about why he should study a degree.

@icmscampus Should you really study for a degree? #Apply #Applynow#Feb #degree ♬ original sound – ICMS

What is mentioned time and again is the world of opportunity that opens up after choosing to study a degree. It’s not just the career advancement that follows academic study, it’s the networks and connections made.

When you study a degree, you follow a structured program that helps you gain a deep understanding of your chosen subject and develop important skills.

This type of learning encourages you to think critically, conduct research, solve problems, and communicate effectively – all qualities that employers really value in many different industries.

Key Considerations

When deciding whether to study a degree, there are a few important things to think about.

●     What excites you?

Consider what you’re interested in and passionate about.

To stay motivated and fulfilled in school and work, pick a course that matches your goals and interests.

●     What’s out there?

Look at the job market for your desired industry.

Research job prospects and potential salaries to make sure that the course you choose will lead to good career opportunities.

●     What’s the cost?

Consider tuition fees, student loans, and if the investment will be worth it in terms of future income.

Check job and salary outlooks to ensure your chosen course will lead to good career options and the earning potential that you are working towards.

Many colleges offer fee calculators that help give you a real idea of the financial cost of a degree.

●     Work experience?

Gaining work experience during your degree can significantly boost future job prospects by providing practical and transferable skills, industry connections, and a real-world understanding of your field.

●     Have you checked the subject areas?

Before enrolling in a degree program, have a good look at the subject areas offered to ensure they align with your interests and career goals.

An easy way to do this is speak with the enrolment team to talk through the subject matter.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about your future options that will help shape your career path.

Confused about the difference between a degree and a diploma? Read this for an explanation.

Hear what first year students had to say about if it’s worth studying for a degree.

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In this video, ICMS student Taylor shares her process of selecting the right degree. Initially hesitant about the cost and value of a degree, her exploration of ICMS’s programs led her to the Bachelor of Business (Sports Management).

This program, with its hands-on learning and expert teachers, promised better job chances and a competitive advantage.

Taylor’s experience shows it’s important to look into different providers and courses. This will make sure they match your career goals and personal interests, helping you make a good decision.

Added Bonus of Studying Further: Freedom to discover yourself

Getting a degree is more than just classes and studying.

It’s a time of growth and self-discovery. Living away, meeting new people, joining clubs, and exploring can shape you and broaden your horizons.

Pursuing a degree gives you the chance to explore new ideas, develop a passion for learning, and grow personally.

Personal and Professional Success

Deciding whether to study a degree is a personal choice that depends on your unique situation, dreams, and objectives.

Take the time to gather information, weigh the pros and cons, and reflect on what truly motivates you.

The table below lists the reasons and explanations about why you should study a degree:

Making the decision

ICMS understands that choosing whether or not to study further is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Watch a 15 second answer to why you should study a degree at ICMS from ICMS Senior Program Manager Nicole Venter.

@icmscampus An ICMS Degree Summed up in 15 seconds. Apply to start your ICMS journey this February. #Apply #february2024 #degree #college #studentlife #ICMS ♬ original sound – ICMS

Give your future some thought, and visit ICMS for more information on what degree is best for you.


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