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Take Off to Paris, Unleash Your Innovation: Accor Student Innovation Challenge 2024

Take Off to Paris, Unleash Your Innovation: Accor Student Innovation Challenge 2024

February 6, 2024

Calling all ICMS Hospitality, Tourism, Business, and Entrepreneurship students!

Brace yourselves for an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your creativity and problem solving skills.

The Accor Student Innovation Challenge 2024 is coming, offering you the chance to shape the future of the hospitality industry and win an unforgettable experience in the City of Lights – Paris!

Accor Student Innovation Challenge Overview

The Accor Student Innovation Challenge is an international competition that invites teams of three students to participate.

To be eligible, ensure each member of your team is a second or third year student, all with a cumulative GPA of over 3.

This exclusive opportunity is open to all ICMS students, but only one exceptional team will represent ICMS in this thrilling competition.

Competition Timeline


March marks the start of the challenge, with the announcement of this year’s challenge. Teams of three students will be formed, and an ICMS representative team will be chosen to participate. Once the representative team is chosen they will be asked to register and submit their innovative project.


April is the month to present your solution to the world via social media for public voting. An international jury will then carefully select the top 16 projects to advance to the second round.


In May, these chosen teams will craft a 30-minute video along with a 3-minute pitch to be presented on Visio, showcasing their innovative solutions.


June is the culmination of the challenge, featuring an 8-minute pitch with Q&A for the remaining teams. This is the moment to impress the international panel of experts and secure your place as the winner of the Accor Student Innovation Challenge 2024.

Previous Challenges and Examples

The Accor Student Innovation Challenge has a rich history of pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Previous challenges have tasked participants with imagining how AI can enhance the guest experience in hotels, conceptualising memorable digital experiences to foster guest loyalty, and even designing a dream mobile hotel for the modern, on-the-go guests.

Your challenge could be the next ground-breaking idea that transforms the hospitality industry, and your team might be the one jetting off to Paris to present your ideas directly to Accor stakeholders.

Information Session Coming Up

To provide you with more details and answer any questions you may have, an information session is scheduled for March. This session will be your chance to gain insights into the competition, clarify doubts, and better understand what it takes to emerge victorious in the Accor Student Innovation Challenge 2024.

Are you Interested?

For more information and to express your interest in participating, please put together your team of 3 and reach out to Marianne Saulwick from the WIL Team at [email protected].

Your journey to revolutionising the hospitality industry starts now – embrace the challenge, form your team, and get ready to innovate!

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