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Professional Accreditation for ICMS Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting)

Professional Accreditation for ICMS Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting)

July 23, 2018

The new Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting) degree offered at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) has been approved for professional accreditation by CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (Chartered Accountants ANZ).

The accreditation of the program was approved in June 2018 and is a solid endorsement of the quality of academic excellence offered at the award winning higher education institute based in Northern Beaches, NSW, outside Sydney.

“This is a wonderful affirmation of the quality of courses offered here at ICMS, and a massive boon for current and future students who aim to become Chartered Accountants,” ICMS CEO and President Professor Dominic Szambowski said.

What the accreditation means for ICMS students is that they will enjoy automatic exemptions from CPA foundation programs – which saves the students the cost and time for six subjects – as well as eligibility to register as associate members of CPA upon graduation.

A further advantage for students is that industry training worked into the ICMS Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting) counts towards full accreditation with CPA, something that is unique to ICMS.

“To become a fully accredited member of CPA, accounting students need to gain 36 months of relevant experience. Experience can be gained at any time – before or during your study. Which means the nine months industry training ICMS provides to the student will help them to get the full membership nine months earlier, compared to other accounting graduates who do not have working experience during the study,” Szambowski explained.

“A BBM (Accounting) is a prestigious and sought after degree which catapults the cream of the crop to the top of the financial ladder. We are excited to be able to add this to our already diverse mix of degrees on offer to students ready to take their place in the business world as leaders of the pack.”

The ICMS Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting) degree provides an accounting specialisation within a broader business context. The degree combines business, management and accounting studies to help students emerge as well-rounded accounting professionals ready to provide real business value.

ICMS’s extensive undergraduate and postgraduate degrees prepare students to be leaders in their field. All full degrees combine a rigorous academic foundation with a compulsory period of industry experience, giving students the knowledge, skills and invaluable experience to outshine other candidates in a competitive job market.

For more information on the ICMS BBM (Accounting) course, click here:


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