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Top 10 Careers in Property

Top 10 Careers in Property

September 21, 2022

Next to food, water and the air we breathe, shelter is a primary need for everyone. Careers in property are all about different types of shelter, and how you can make a living off either buying, selling or managing those shelters.

Nothing spells ‘opportunity’ more than a career in an industry where literally everyone is your target market, whether urban or rural.

“Property forms the basis of shelter and security or a place to build personal wealth, and impacts all of us in some way,” ICMS Property lecturer David McLennan said.

“The property industry offers an incredibly rich array of potential career choices: a career choice that can be both financially rewarding and immensely satisfying. Whether you like dealing directly with people, are creative and desire to build something, or just want to “crunch the numbers”, the property industry will offer you something to help reach your goals and ambitions.”

According to the Australian Property Institute, players in the property industry are from areas as varied as residential, commercial and plant and machinery valuers, property advisers, commercial property managers, property analysts and fund managers, property lawyers, property researchers and academics.

Our pick of  Top 10 Careers in Property:


As a property developer, you will purchase land or building either yourself or on behalf of others. You’ll develop and enhance them so you can sell them on at a profit, or rent/lease them out and make a profit on an ongoing nature. You’re confident, organised and a bit of a risk-taker, but when the resale value climbs you’re smiling all the way to the bank. You can work for a company or go on your own.

Property development done expertly is one of the highest paying jobs in the industry. cites the salary in Australia for a property developer averaging out at $96,814 per year, with variances per state.


One of the most stable careers in property is that of a Property Manager. You are responsible for organising, supervising and managing the letting of commercial, residential or retail properties on behalf of investors, landlords or owners.

You have to market and show properties, manage the collection of rent and arrears and oversee maintenance, cleaning and repairs.

You may oversee more than one property at a time, meaning you need to have strong multi-tasking and time management skills.

Job security and variety of work scores highly on, with 3029 vacancies advertised on the site in September 2022.


As a Facilities Manager, you are responsible for the operational control of facilities and buildings belonging to either a public of private organisation. In addition to co-ordinating maintenance and repairs to provide a safe, productive and clean environment for occupants, you will also report and monitor operational expenses and income streams received by the facility.


As a Portfolio Manager in property you are responsible for managing assets and investments for clients, whether individual or institutional. This includes managing and creating an overall investment strategy that offers the most appropriate course of action.

You will work with property owners and developers to establish both short and long-term investment goals, manage risk, measure the performance of their portfolio and advise clients on whether to leave their investments to mature, or to withdraw.

These are highly specialised careers in property and require a level of experience and expertise that is generally only gained after years in the industry and with the relevant tertiary qualification.


Assessing the value of residential, industrial or commercial properties fall under the ambit of a Property Valuer. Why must property be valued? Accurate estimates of property or land values fuel the buy and sell cycle for sale and rental purposes, places a value on land and buildings before they are developed, and could inform the cost of rebuilding for insurance purposes.

It’s an interesting and valuable field. You may even value whole neighbourhoods on behalf of the government, and you will increasingly enhance your technological skillset by using digital and computer-assisted vehicles to carry out your valuations.


Working hand in hand with other players in the industry, such as property developers and valuers, are property investors. It’s a career choice that is varied and rooted in a clear understanding of the economy and property market, rolling with the slumps and rebounding with the recoveries.

You’ll need a large capital base from which to launch into this career in property, but once you’re in this high stakes game with the right knowledge and expertise, your earning potential is high. Accumulative earnings based off savvy purchase and sales decisions puts your investment to work.


Considered one of the highest paying careers in property, yet hard to secure owing to the need to be a trusted expert which only comes after years of experience, is the role of a Property Analyst.

As a property analyst you will be approached by big firms and companies who will seek your professional advice on the acquisition, leasing, and potentially offloading of properties.

Your opinion matters in dollar terms by the millions and billions, taken seriously by the big players who want to ensure their properties are intact and stable.


As a Property Operations Manager, you will oversee the sale or purchase of real estate property on behalf of either a private investor or a business. You will need to be able to identify investment opportunities, assess tax law implications, monitor current property trends and navigate zoning laws and other regulations that may apply.

You’ll be an expert in property values as affected by market trends, growth or recession and demographics. As a Property Operations Manager your informed opinion matters!


Combining property kudos with marketing savvy will get you ahead as a Property Marketing Manager.

You will focus on promoting and running campaigns for potential buyers of properties, and you’ll earn a tidy salary for your trouble.

Combining creativity with a solid understanding of the nuts and bolts of real estate – and how best to showcase properties with a resultant sale – makes this a career in property that suits multi-skilled and confident professionals.


Provided you have the approved tertiary qualification, work experience and licence, a career as a Real Estate Agent is very much what you put in, is what you will get out. This is subject to elements out of your control, such as a housing market slump or a global pandemic, for example.

Whether dealing with existing dwellings, off plan or vacant lots of land, you will specialise in the sale, purchase or leasing and management of commercial, residential, agricultural or industrial property. The number of entry points allows you to hone your craft over the years and gain traction within a segment of the market.


According to the Property Council of Australia, the property sector in Australia currently represents 13 percent of Australia’s GDP; it is Australia’s biggest industry and largest employer with the property management sector as one of its fastest growing areas.

Against this background, and the growing demand for qualified graduates within the Australian property sector, an ICMS Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation), together with your Industry Training, will see you ready for an impressive career in property.

To find out more about the ICMS Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation), click here.

*Please note that if you study the ICMS Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation) and would like to work as an Assistant Agent in Real Estate, Stock and Station or Strata Management, you require a Certificate of Registration. We recommend this be completed prior to commencing your WIL placement. The Units of Competency required to apply for a Certificate of Registration will have to be completed externally to ICMS.



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