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Ed Hillier

Ed Hillier

Entrepreneurship student graduating with full time role at EG Funds already secured

An International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) internship led to a full time role at EG Funds for ICMS Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) student Ed Hillier.

Ed graduates with his ICMS Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) in 2022 and is currently an Analyst in the Capital Transactions team at EG Funds. EG Funds Management invest in commercial real estate on behalf of super funds and other institutional investors to generate outstanding returns and lasting positive social impact. The company has $5.1 billion in assets under management and has a development pipeline of $3.9 billion.  In 2021, the company experienced a year of significant growth, expanding its team with 16 new recruits, including Ed.

Work Integrated Learning

It was at EG Funds that Ed completed his ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL), a key component of every ICMS degree that gives students the opportunity to gain work experience and take advantage of the network ICMS students have access to whilst completing their studies. Work Integrated Learning, also known as industry training or internship is the opportunity for ICMS students to receive job seeking training and be assisted by the WIL team to find a placement in their chosen industry. Over the past five years, ICMS has worked with over 1000 internationally recognised, supportive industry partners, a milestone that places ICMS at the forefront of career-focused higher education in Australia. ICMS is focused on providing the tools to empower its students to advance their careers and grow professionally. Hence, it provides students with an edge, that is, six months work experience by the time they graduate.

Before students graduate, the dedicated WIL team, available onsite at ICMS provides students coaching and guidance throughout the final two trimesters of their Bachelors or Masters program. The coaching students receive includes CV building, interview tips and tricks as well as arranging interviews for the students with their selected industries and companies. The WIL team gets involved with students before their final two trimesters of their Bachelors or Masters degree. It is a requirement for ICMS bachelors and Masters students to complete their 600 hours of industry training before graduating. This is to enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge and implement it in practical situations.

Ed’s experience

Ed said the ICMS industry training program was a key factor in his decision to study at ICMS, which he saw “as a great pathway to employment”. Ed’s journey with ICMS, from the theory he learned  in class, to the connections he made on and off campus have gotten him to this point where he now is in a full time position before he even graduates.

Ed realised, “My experience of industry training at EG Funds aided my career greatly, due to the application of several concepts/theories delivered at ICMS, resulting in a clearer understanding and additional context to the relevant areas of study,” According to Ed, in the future he hopes to lead transactions for either a specific fund or sector and is enjoying the industry in which he is carving out a career.  Through his industry training at EG, Ed discovered that he enjoys the value which is placed on building relationships and likes the strategic approach to the acquisition of an asset, which sees various scenarios being considered. Ed is one of many students benefiting from the networking opportunities and mentorship that the ICMS WIL and Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) offers to students. “My degree contributed a lot to securing the opportunity at EG, whereby I could understand various concepts used at EG through my learnings at ICMS”.

Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)

The Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) sets out to create the leaders in the business and corporate world, entrepreneurs know how to look at things differently, to identify opportunities and balance calculated risk with the potential rewards.

Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught. As an entrepreneur you’ll challenge convention, disrupt the status quo and seek solutions where others see none. You’ll need to be energetic, goal oriented and driven – not afraid to chase your dreams. With entrepreneurial skills you could become founder of your own start-up, be part of a larger organisation driving change, or simply create a balanced lifestyle where you choose to work on things that light you up, that motivate you and where you get to live by your own rules.

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) is designed to position you for success as an entrepreneur in any industry, with a focus on future-proofing you for adaptability in a rapidly changing world. Learn more about the Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) here.


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