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Celina Andjani Nata Permadi

Celina Andjani Nata Permadi

Celina came to ICMS to study a postgraduate degree so she could pursue her dreams of working in the hospitality industry. Another reason Celina chose to study at ICMS, all the way from Indonesia, was because she fell in love with the location. Add to this the subjects on offer and the well-known industry training program and Celina couldn’t wait to get started.

“Working in the hospitality industry has been my dream since I was six years old and I went travelling with my parents. We stayed in a nice hotel and I liked the way people worked – the way they behaved and talked to the guests and so, since that day, I’ve really wanted to work in the hospitality industry.

“To help reach my dream I undertook my Bachelor in business administration, hotel and tourism management, and now I’m completing a Master of Management (Tourism and Hospitality) at ICMS.”

Celina says she finds studying at ICMS unique. “There are several different nationalities in one class. I’ve never experienced this before. Also I’ve got very good lecturers, they bring a good vibe to the class, and students are never bored,” she says.

“ICMS always tries to make students satisfied with their studies, moreover there is no university located in a wonderful place like Manly with a beach view,” she adds.

Celina hasn’t been on her industry training yet but people aims to find a role in a five-star hotel and work either as a restaurant manager or housekeeping manager. “I hope I can learn more about managing a restaurant, how to treat my colleagues and learn to be a good manager.”

After she completes her degree, Celina plans to take the opportunity to work for two years in Australia.

“I’d probably then go back to my country and open my own business.”

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