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Hannah Chadwick

Hannah Chadwick

Why did you choose to study at ICMS?

Firstly for the small classes: I liked the idea that you could get to know everyone in your class on a personal level and get one-on-one time with your lecturer to help with anything that you may struggle in class with. Then there’s the industry training: I loved the concept of a practical component to the degree and to test out whether the course I was studying was one that I really wanted to do when I finished.

I also loved that half of ICMS’ students were from places around the world, This opened more options to further study overseas and build up an extensive network globally. And then there’s location: you can’t complain about studying so close to Manly beach it is a lovely spot and a great place to chill after your classes. The vibe of the area just makes you want to get active and jump in the surf or go for a run!

Why did you choose to study your particular course?

When I looked into course I was caught between choosing events and sports management. From previous experiences I was in love with sporting events and I wanted to get involved in this further in the future. I finally decided to go with events as it had a longer period of industry training and it was broad in terms of exploring many different events that were available. If I was to not go with sporting events, I would still be able to go into events but into a different sector like festivals or weddings.

How would you describe the quality of teaching staff at ICMS? How have they supported you during your studies to date?

The staff at ICMS are dedicated and experienced in the subjects they teach. Staff are approachable and very supportive of what you personally want to get out of your career. Staff are very good at one-on-one teaching and if you ask for help they make sure that you totally understand what the topic is about before they continue on.

Have you undertaken practical experience yet?

So far in my degree I have been involved in a few site inspections, one in which we went to an event props company for the morning in Alexandria, where learnt about the production and design components of the company. Whereas in another class we went to Shelley Beach to look at the operation and logistics of the area as an event location. In September 2015 I travelled to New York for a study tour where we undertook further site inspections in world class venues and helped behind the scenes of some of the most popular international fashion shows.

You were awarded the ICMS Professional Scholarship. Congratulations! What motivated you to apply?

When I was doing the tour of the campus I was told about the scholarships available so I thought I may as well give it a go! The process was simple and straight forward. Firstly I had to submit a written component answering a few questions. Secondly a short list was created and I was asked to come in for an initial interview in business attire and with ICMS staff. Thirdly I was asked back for a final interview and then was offered the scholarship.

Are you involved in any sporting or recreational activities at ICMS?

I am involved in netball and I love the program! I have played netball for 10yrs and thought it would be a good way to get to know more students at ICMS. I wanted to sign up to soccer too but it didn’t work with my work schedule.

About the ICMS Professional Scholarship

For details about the ICMS Professional Scholarship, including how to apply. Click here.


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