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Nathaniel Page

Nathaniel Page

A love of sports and a will to succeed has put International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) student Nathaniel Page on the right track towards a career in the competitive sports industry.

Page, an ICMS Professional Scholarship winner, is currently undergoing his industry experience at Athletics New South Wales (NSW). In his role as competition event manager’s assistant, he works behind the scenes to ensure athletic meets at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre run smoothly for athletes, sponsors and spectators.

This valuable and interesting behind-the-scenes work experience is part of his ICMS Bachelor of Sports Management degree, of which he is in his second year. Work industry experience is built in to every degree at ICMS, an award-winning higher-education institution based in Northern Beaches, just outside Sydney, NSW; this facet of ICMS degrees is a game changer in getting students ahead of their counterparts by putting practical experience and networking opportunities front and centre before students even graduate.

The industry training aspect of the ICMS Sports Management degree was attractive to Page while a student at the prestigious King’s School in Sydney, and a major pull factor to study sports management at ICMS.

“I knew since high school that whatever I wanted to do, it would be in the sports industry. I looked at a bunch of sports management places and ICMS was one of the top,” Page explained.

“They pretty much offer all you need to go far in sport. They offer industry training which is what appealed to me first. To be successful in sport you need contacts, you need knowledge and you need experience. ICMS offers industry training up to 600 hours and to be able to put that on my resume to apply for a job; I could see that as the best opportunity for me.”

At Athletics NSW, Page helps ensure everything at the athletics meets goes according to plan. Basketball was his first love as a sport, but he has grown to enjoy athletics as well.

“Any experience is good experience and Athletics NSW has provided me with knowledge and experience that I can use in any aspect of sport,” he said.

“The one piece of advice I would give to anyone studying sport at ICMS is to expand your boundaries when it comes to sport, to not just focus on one sport… I played basketball my whole life and right now I’m at athletics, and I’m enjoying it just as much.”

Page credits ICMS, with its supportive academic environment and the opportunities to network and make career connections, as the launchpad for his career which is just out of the starting blocks. In the future, Page sees himself as a player or team manager, based either in America or Australia.

“ICMS has helped me get to where I want to be,” he said.

“Right now, I’m exactly where I want to be at this young age, going into the sports industry. With all the help from the lecturers and everyone around me, I feel like ICMS has really pointed me in the right direction and has helped me develop from here to be successful in the sports industry.


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