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Taylor McLeod

Taylor McLeod

For ICMS Sports Management student Taylor McLeod, sport isn’t just a game, it’s a way of life.

Her passion for sports of all kinds, intertwined with her love for her father, inspired her to study sports management as a way to make a career in the sports industry.

Taylor spoke at the recent ICMS Parents Information Evening and is a member of the 2024 SRC, heading the Sports Portfolio.

Her ultimate goal is to work at the Brisbane 2032 Olympics, and she knows exactly the path to take to get there.

Growing Up With Sports

“Sport is the life blood of Australia. We live, breathe and bleed sport,” Taylor said.

Her passion was stirred at the earliest age by a football-fanatic father.

“When I was born my dad would pace around the living room watching the footy with me in his arms all kitted out in our team’s gear. He would yell at the TV, and I would scream in his ear.”

Growing up, Taylor took part in almost every sport that was on offer, from athletics to swimming, tennis, soccer, rugby, touch football and Oztag.

In high school, at Blue Mountains Grammar School, Taylor was awarded a sports scholarship and threw herself into training.

“I would have training four days a week, coaching for two days, my own games for two days, then on top of it all, I would travel anywhere between 40 minutes to four hours for everything. It was heaven,” she said.

“Sports was my outlet, and it was the place where I learned how to be comfortable in myself.”

Father’s love of the game an inspiration

Taylor’s father’s brush with cancer – he was diagnosed but successfully treated while she was in Year 12 – prompted her to choose an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) as her course of higher education.

“My family was, and still is, the definition of sports fanatics.

“Two months before my HSC I found out my dad had cancer, which was a big shock. The uncertainty this brought was intense, but overall, I was scared I would lose one of my biggest supporters.

“For me, the thought of losing my dad drew me closer to sports as I felt closer to him; I knew that no matter what happened, I would still be connected to him through the sports I play and watch. We all live and breathe sport.

“That was when I decided that I would study sports management, I would do it for my dad.”

Excited for a Future Career in Sports

Taylor is thoroughly enjoying studying sports management at the ICMS Northern Beaches Campus in Sydney, NSW – not only for the novelty of studying in a ‘castle on the hill’, but for the combination of business and sports subjects as part of her degree, the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) / internship she will undertake in her second year, and the deep rooted belief she has that this is her pathway into the sports industry she is so passionate about.

“What ultimately led me to this degree is the fact that I am surrounded by like-minded people, people who have an interest in business and people who love sports as much as I do,” Taylor said.

“The small, intimate environment in my lectures makes me feel like I am being heard and that I am getting the most out of my studies.

“One of my favourite parts of my degree is most definitely the sports specialisations and the opportunity for me to take what I know into the field.

“Each of my sports classes focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the sporting world, the business aspect, and the way it has built nations.

“The ability to take what I learn along the way into my WIL internship/ industry placement coming up soon excites me and drives me to take all I learn along the way so I can look even better when I debut into the industry.”

Big Plans Ahead

Over the next few years, Australia will host a number of massive sporting events.

These include:

FIFA Women’s World CupTM 2023

BMX World Champs 2026

Rugby World Cup 2027 & 2029

Netball World Cup 2027

Brisbane Olympics and Paralympics 2032

“These major events coming up over the next few years has opened so many doors for all of us,” Taylor said.

“For those of us who graduate within the next few years, we have been given the opportunity to work in any of these events, on top of pre-existing ones.

“Choosing to study the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) degree now is probably the best investment you can make towards your future career.

“Personally, my aim is to be working with the Australian Olympic committee by the time the Brisbane Olympics roll around.”

For more information about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management), click here.


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