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Vivian Ngoc Nhu Quynh Vo

Vivian Ngoc Nhu Quynh Vo

Bachelor of Hospitality Management student Vivian Ngoc Nhu Quynh Vo talks about studying at ICMS to achieve her dream of working in luxurious hotels.

Vivian Vo, from Vietnam, chose to study at ICMS due to the college’s prestigious reputation. She says, “ICMS is highly ranked as one of the best schools to study hotel management in Australia. Secondly, the college offers numerous chances for students to get a scholarship, which is really helpful.”

Vivian began studying at ICMS in September 2015, and she already has a few highlights from her time here. “All the core subjects are really interesting and are taught by experienced lecturers and tutors. They always provide students with positive feedback and share a lot of experience they’ve gained from working in industry. In my first term, I had the chance to visit Novotel Manly and meet the talented general manager there.”

Her other highlight includes being awarded the ICMS International Scholarship in 2015. She was motivated to apply for the financial assistance this would entail but is also looking forward to the work component of the scholarship, which means Vivian will be able to gain industry experience working at the college, including serving at events. “This will allow me to work closer with the experienced supervisors and chefs,” she says.

Vivian says the Academic Learning Center at ICMS has proven to be a really helpful service. “Firstly, as a freshman, I did not know how to write an assignment. I contacted them and they explained everything carefully, in detail.”

Vivian’s advice to future students is that ICMS offers a firm foundation to start your career. “You are not only learning, but also experiencing.” And as for the Manly beachside lifestyle, she adds: “I am in love with the beach and the lovely town. The traffic is always slow and there is no hustle and bustle.”

She adds: “What I love most about ICMS is both students and staff always make an effort to create a professional environment.”

When she completes her degree in 2018, Vivian’s plans are to apply for a two-year working visa in Australia to gain experience. “After that, I will apply for a food and beverage position in Claridge’s, London, as working there is one of my goals,” she says.


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