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Marriott International x ICMS Application and Selection Process

Application and Selection Process
The details of the application and selection process will be agreed by the stakeholders and outlined within this document. The responsibilities of each stakeholder will be included in the process overview.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible to apply for the prestigious Marriott International Hotels/ICMS Hotel Management Development Program, applicants must first meet the following criteria. N.B. you will be asked to evidence these criteria within the application process:
* Be a current year 12 student due to complete the HSC (or equivalent) in 2023, or completed HSC in 2022
* Meet the ICMS entry requirements for the Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM)
* Be 18 years of age before June 2024
* Be able to demonstrate involvement in the hospitality sector
* Be available to begin the program in January 2024
* Have applied for ICMS BHM, directly to ICMS via the online application, the Early Entry Program, or through UAC (as first preference), for February 2024 start
* Be able to commit to all elements of the four-year Hotel Management Development Program (potential to travel/work & study commitments)
* Provide a reference from an appropriate school representative (Head of Year, Hospitality teacher etc), on your suitability for a career in hotel/hospitality management
* Be eligible to live, work and study in Australia, permanently
* Be available for the selection process in August/September 2023.

The selection process has 3 stages:
A) Submit written application for shortlisting purposes
B) Attend interview (in person) at ICMS Manly campus
C) Attend assessment and interview (in person) at a Marriott property in Sydney

Students that meet these eligibility criteria, then complete the following steps:

* Step 1: Ensure you have submitted your application for ICMS BHM using one of the following methods:

Direct Application
Early Entry
– UAC (as first preference)

* Step 2: Complete expression of interest form via the ICMS email communication and/or ICMS Marriott International Hotel Management Development Program web page on the ICMS website

* Step 3: Submit your formal application (incl. attaching of supporting documentation) by August 31st 2023 by email to Liam Robson at [email protected].

Your email subject header should be: Marriott International Hotels/ICMS Hotel Management Development Program Selection Panel

The following supporting documents must be attached:

  • In the body of the email please specify how you have applied for the BHM (Direct Application, Early Entry or UAC preference)
  • School Academic record up to Year 11, if available
  • An up-to-date CV (Details of work experiences, details of community, leadership and student body contributions etc.)
  • Essay submission (minimum 500 words). The essay will outline the background to your interest in hotels/hospitality, and steps you have taken to pursue that interest, and your career goals within the industry. Within the essay you must identify the connection that you see between education and career success and what you hope to gain from the apprenticeship.

* Step 4: Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be in two stages, firstly with ICMS at its iconic Manly campus and subsequently with the Marriott International Hotels Selection Panel (shortlisted finalists only).