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ICMS Property, Sports Academics showcase diverse research at leading conferences

ICMS Property, Sports Academics showcase diverse research at leading conferences

July 28, 2023

ICMS Property and Sports Management academics, led by Dr Jae Won Kang, presented scholarly findings at conferences in Las Vegas and Hong Kong. The papers covered topics like gambling youth issues and the importance of diversity and inclusion in sports facilities for the upcoming 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

Dr Kang is on the Senior Academic Team at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), and he is Academic Program Manager for the Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) and the Bachelor of Property (Development, Investment and Valuation).

On the importance of continued research into relevant topics, and the presenting them at conferences attended by leading industry players, Dr Kang said: “This allows our college, staff and student to get insights into the latest trends and technologies in sports and property fields. Faculty can share ICMS values, get valuable feedback and connect with relevant people.”

Focus on mainstream sports betting and its impact on Australian adolescents

At the 14th International Conference on Sport & Society that took place in June at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas, Dr Kang presented with fellow authors ICMS Dean (Undergraduate) Dr Trevor Clark, and ICMS Sports Management lecturer Jeremy Sleiman.

Their presentation, Australian Sport Gambling Industry: The Normalisation of the Sports Betting Industry and Its Effects on Adolescents and Young Adults in Australia, investigated the effects of the sports betting industry among adolescents and young adults in Australia.

Weighing up the pros and cons of the sports betting industry, the paper sought to provide an in depth insight into its impact, both negative and positive.

The positive impact – in terms of accessibility and entertainment value for adult sports enthusiasts, should be balanced with safeguards against the negative consequences of gambling, especially as it pertains to young people.

Drawing on similar concerns raised by educational institutions and policymakers about alcohol and tobacco exposure, the study identifies effective harm reduction strategies such as educational programs to address the consequences of gambling, a government-enforced limit of sports betting promotions, and potentially increasing the minimum legal gambling age.

Looking ahead to Brisbane 2032 Olympics: Diversity and Inclusion in Sports Facilities Management

In Hong Kong in July, Dr Kang presented at the 2023 AsRES-GCREC (Asia Real Estate Society & Global Chinese Real Estate Congress) Joint International Real Estate Conference.

The paper, Getting serious about diversity and inclusion in sports facility management of the Brisbane 2032, was co-authored by Dr Kang, Dr Trevor Clark, Kristen Beck, Chris Mamo and John Nicols.

It examined how the upcoming 2032 Brisbane Olympics and Paralympics is expected to bring about a shift in Olympic facility management, with a focus on delivering on diverse workplace expectations of society.

Considering how all the eyes of the world will be on Brisbane, and by extension Australia, for the duration of the global sports event, this is a prime opportunity for the country to demonstrate commitment to authentic diversity and inclusion in all aspects of sports management.

Currently, women, members of the Australian Indigenous community, people with disability, and management professionals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are underrepresented in the planning, design, construction and senior level management of key sports facilities in Australia.

The paper offers specific guidelines and future directions in this regard, for both the public and government sectors, and it is hoped that the Olympics would serve as a catalyst for further commitment to these themes going forward.

Upcoming Conferences

In December 2023, at the 17th World Leisure Congress in New Zealand, ICMS Sports Management Academics will present papers addressing the following topics:

  • Challenges of sustainable sport events and tourism in developing regional communities
  • Managing inflation with effective sponsorship strategy on cultural and leisure events
  • Moving towards a zero-waste sporting facility

In January 2024, ICMS Property academics will attend the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES) Annual Conference in Queensland, and present on the following topics:

  • Enhancing high-performance para-sport in the built environment for wheelchair athletes at Brisbane 2032 Paralympics
  • Our nation, our future – Social and affordable housing planning for all


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  • Kang, J. W., Clark, T., & Sleiman, J. (2023, June 7-8). Australian sport gambling industry: The normalisation of the sports betting industry and its effects on adolescents and young adults in Australia. [Conference Presentation] The Fifteenth International Conference on Sport & Society, The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA.


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