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ICMS Boosts Professional Scholarships for Domestic Students Amid COVID

ICMS Boosts Professional Scholarships for Domestic Students Amid COVID

January 18, 2021

The award-winning International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) has boosted the number of Professional Scholarships by 25 per cent to more than 60 students for the February 2021 intake, largely in response to challenges caused by the pandemic.

The college has responded to a challenging year by opening its classrooms and creating an online teaching platform for more students, with the increased number of scholarships and accommodation bursaries for regional and interstate students, with the total expenditure rising from $1.6 million to more than $2 million in 2020.

ICMS has had record number of interstate, regional and Sydney students applying for the undergraduate ICMS Professional Scholarships, amid expected heavy demand for places. All scholarship applicants adhere to a criterion driven qualification process to be considered and awarded a scholarship.

ICMS scholarship program chairperson, Ann Whitelock Courtney-O’Connor said, “Despite the pressure on the higher education sector, we recognise that many students and parents all over the country have had a tough year and we have taken the opportunity to respond by providing more scholarships, as well as introducing online scholarships, especially as overseas students continue to be affected by travel.”

“Many parents are facing an uncertain financial future and as a leading educational institution, it is our obligation to ensure motivated students can access tertiary education and a career, hence our move to online teaching during 2020 in response to the pandemic”, she added.

One of the school leavers who has already been awarded an ICMS Professional Scholarship is Ella McMahon (pictured), an alumna of Stella Maris College in Manly. Ms McMahon was awarded the ANZ Professional Scholarship to help cover the cost of completing a Bachelor of Business over three years. The ANZ Professional Scholarship offers Ms McMahon a unique opportunity not only for a substantial tuition waiver but also for a 12-14 week full-time paid work placement (internship) within the ANZ organisation.

The experience and exposure to the world of corporate banking will be of unequivocal value on Ms McMahon’s CV and potentially open doors not imagined. Previous ANZ Professional Scholarship recipient, Andrew McGregor, said, “Without gaining the ANZ Scholarship I would not have had the opportunity to work within ANZ’s Corporate Banking as a young intern, which has undoubtedly given me a huge career advantage. It also allowed me access to industry connections with senior individuals within the bank that nobody else my age would have had access to,” she said.

Ms McMahon said, “I heard about the scholarships through my high school Career Adviser and thought it would be an incredible opportunity. The industry focus gives you a head-start and the chance to make lots of professional contacts. I feel very fortunate and look forward to making the most of this amazing opportunity.”


Thinking about applying for an ICMS Professional Scholarship?

Scholarships for undergraduate students intending to start a bachelor degree at ICMS in 2022 will be open in April 2021 and will close in November.

Under the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program, applicants will be considered for the ICMS Professional Scholarships, the ANZ Scholarship, HOSTPLUS Sports Management Scholarship, HOSTPLUS Hospitality Management Scholarship, the Wotif Scholarship and the Alceon Scholarship. ICMS will match the candidates to the most appropriate scholarship from their application form. Students are welcome to note or refer to a particular scholarship within their application if they wish.

Together with the Corporate Sponsored Scholarships above, ICMS Professional Scholarships include:

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