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Naomi Keywood

Naomi Keywood

Reflections: My first year of the ICMS Bachelor of Event Management

Industry excursions, hands-on event planning and supportive expert faculty are three aspects Naomi Keywood reflected on while nearing the end of her first year of an ICMS Bachelor of Event Management degree.

Naomi was a key speaker at the recent Dean’s List Recognition Ceremony*. Having been recognised for academic achievement, she took the opportunity to share her experiences and insights as the first year of her degree comes to a close.

Deeper insight into the Event Management industry

Event management is a dynamic field, and staying updated with industry trends and innovations is essential.

“Attending workshops, seminars, and conferences has broadened my horizons and given me a deeper insight into the world of events,” Naomi said.

“One of the most enriching aspects of my first year has been the opportunity to go on excursions that have deepened my intellectual understanding through practical learning.

“One unforgettable experience was our excursion to the Sydney International Convention Centre.

“We were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how events are organised and executed, and the importance of client relationships.

“It was eye-opening to witness firsthand the meticulous planning, attention to detail, and passion that goes into making every event a success.

“This practical exposure enhanced my understanding of event management far more than any textbook could.”

Another highlight was an Event Styling Workshop presented by This Space Events.

“We learned how important it was that the theming of an event must be shaped around a client’s purpose and aims.

“A creative challenge of designing a themed mood board in a short time frame revealed different interpretations on the same theme. This made me aware of the importance of working with different perspectives in the creative events space.

“Through group projects, I’ve had the chance to plan small-scale events. It is this type of hands-on experience that will stand me in good stead as I progress further in my degree and in my professional development.

A great ICMS first year

Naomi is not only a Dean’s List student, but an ICMS Student Ambassador as well.

“My first year as an ICMS student has been a fantastic journey of growth, learning, and immersion into the events industry.

“The ICMS faculty is incredibly approachable, and they genuinely care about our success. Whether it’s seeking clarification or advice personally from lecturers, their guidance overall has been invaluable.

“As I look forward to the remaining years of my course, with the strong foundation ICMS has provided me, I am excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.”

For more information on the ICMS Bachelor of Event Management, click here.

* The ICMS Dean’s List ceremony honours outstanding results from students in their specialisations. To be eligible, students must enrol in at least three subjects and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 out of 5.0 per term. To read the full story about the February/May 2023 Dean’s List Ceremony, click here.


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