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What you need to know about Event Management in Australia

What you need to know about Event Management in Australia

August 17, 2022

Australia offers great educational opportunities if you are interested in a career in event management.

These opportunities can help you turn your passion into a rewarding career.

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Event Management in Australia

Australia offers many options to host a wide range of events, from world class cities to the Outback. 

The events industry in Australia is a dynamic and thriving sector, as shown by these interesting facts and statistics:

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Key Roles: 

  • Event Coordinator: Plans and oversees all aspects of events, including logistics, schedules, and vendor coordination. 
  • Event Planner: Works with clients to organize events, considering themes, budgets, and timelines. 
  • Venue Manager: Oversees the operation and management of event venues, ensuring they meet the needs of the event and its attendees. 
  • Production Manager: Manages the technical and logistical aspects of event production, including sound, lighting, and staging requirements. 
  • Catering Manager: Coordinates food and beverage services for events, including menu planning, staffing, and ensuring a seamless dining experience for attendees. 
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Secures sponsorships for events, manages relationships with sponsors, and ensures their branding and promotional requirements are met.

These key roles play crucial parts in bringing events to life and ensuring their success.

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Profile: The Ideal Candidate for a Career in Event Management

The perfect person for a job in events has a special mix of skills and experiences that make them stand out in this exciting industry.

  • Creativity: Good at coming up with new and different ideas for events. 
  • Organizational Skills: Great at doing lots of things at the same time, finishing tasks on time, and paying attention to small details. 
  • Adaptability: Can do well in a fast-paced place, deal with unexpected changes, and fix problems fast to make sure events go well. 
  • Money Skills: Good with money, making and sticking to budgets, talking to vendors about money, and using resources well. 
  • Leadership: Can lead teams, give out tasks well, and keep a positive and friendly work atmosphere. 
  • Experience and Qualifications: Having a degree in hospitality management, event planning, marketing, or a similar field is helpful. 

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How to Get Into an Event Management Role

  • Education: Get a degree in hospitality management, event planning, marketing, public relations, or a related field. 
  • Gain Experience: Volunteer for local events, intern at event planning companies, or work in hospitality roles involving event coordination. 
  • Networking: Connect with event professionals through industry events, associations, and platforms like LinkedIn. 
  • Entry-Level Positions: Apply for roles like event coordinator or assistant event planner to gain hands-on experience. 
  • Apply for Roles: Once experienced, apply for event management positions that match your career goals.

By following these steps, you can work towards building a successful career in event management and increasing your chances of securing a role in this dynamic and rewarding field.

Watch ICMS alumnas Chris Imhoff (Class of 2021) as he gives tips on how to break into the events industry.

@icmswementor ICMS Alumni Chris Imhoff’s Top Tips for Breaking into the Event Management Industry! 🌟 #eventmanagement #EventManagementTips #businesstips #mentorship #eventmanagementlife #WeMentor ♬ original sound – WeMentor on TikTok

His strategy has paid off for him as he’s currently the account and Event Manager at Helping Hand Group, just a few years after leaving ICMS with his Bachelor of Event Management degree.

Why Getting Work Experience as Part of an Event Management Degree Is Important in Australia

In Australia, the event industry values practical skills and hands-on experience. 

When students get to work in the real world during their studies, they can learn a lot about how events work, how to manage different people involved, and how to make events happen successfully. This kind of knowledge is exactly what employers are looking for.

While working, students can meet and connect with professionals in the industry, which could even help them find a job after they graduate.

In Australia, there are lots of people competing for top tier jobs, so having work experience gives students an advantage.

How to Choose an Event Management Degree in Australia

In selecting an event management degree in Australia, there are various options to consider.

A standout option is the ICMS Bachelor of Event Management.

This degree teaches practical business skills, event planning, design, logistics, and production. It provides students with real-world knowledge necessary for success. 

The program also offers global networking opportunities in the expanding events industry, with diverse career prospects worldwide.

A career in events is fast-paced, dynamic, and rewarding, and ICMS equips you with the preparation needed for this exciting field through professional connections, teamwork opportunities, and specialized education with a mentoring ethos.

With a focus on industry readiness, ICMS ensures that graduates are well-prepared for successful careers through strong industry partnerships and industry training, or internships, built into the degree program.

Watch Phil Watson, ICMS Vice President (Domestic and International Development) explain why an event management degree from ICMS will get you to the top of the industry.

For more about the ICMS Bachelor of Event Management here.


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