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ICMS CEO Welcome Message 2023

ICMS CEO Welcome Message 2023

February 2, 2023

Dear Class of 2023 Students,

I would like to extend a sincere welcome to you all!

It is wonderful to have you back on our beautiful campuses, both here in Northern Beaches and in the city of Sydney.

Like many who have come before, you have made the exciting and rewarding decision to join the illustrious ICMS community, one unlike any other.

ICMS is The Professional Mentor

At ICMS, we pride ourselves on our Professional Mentor approach, woven into our very ethos. We strive to support you in every way from the start of your journey with us through to you achieving personal success in your professional lives.

The ICMS motto of “Vision. Integrity. Purpose.” sums up what we as a career-focused higher education institution aspire to, and what we hope to share with you.

ICMS continues to ensure our courses are being updated and properly delivered to guarantee the best education for all our students. The development of blended synchronous learning has been introduced to improve our flexibility and delivery options for students both domestically and overseas.

Looking ahead: some advice

As you embark on your journey, I have a few key pieces of advice to share with you.

My first recommendation is simple: get involved. Whilst it may sound straightforward, students can often forget that there is a world outside of academia.

ICMS has a wide variety of clubs and associations, sporting teams and other activities readily available. Many of your best memories of your time here will be made outside of the classroom.

Secondly, ask for help. Whether it be regarding academics, how to get involved in the community or help with deciding on your next move, we have people on campus who are equipped to support you throughout your time here. All staff are committed to helping you as best they can throughout the duration of your time at ICMS.

Finally, network. Throughout your time at ICMS, networking is invaluable. Between all the social interactions and your industry placement, students who network increase their chances of being recognised by someone in industry or being recommended by a classmate. These relationships extend well past your time as a student and can help form your career, as well as establishing friendships and rapport with fellow classmates and industry professionals.

ICMS alumni continually impress and inspire us all with the successes they go on to achieve in their careers, and I cannot wait to hear what you will accomplish throughout your time here and beyond.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to campus and celebrating your successes in the future.

Rowan Courtney-O’Connor

CEO & President