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Manly Savers Internship for ‘Home Grown’ ICMS Student

Manly Savers Internship for ‘Home Grown’ ICMS Student

September 26, 2022

An International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) internship at the Manly Savers Rugby Club has opened up ICMS student Robert Grant’s eyes to the wide range of possible careers within the sports industry.

Robert, currently in his third year of an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) degree, grew up on Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, where the ICMS Northern Beaches campus is located. While ICMS boasts a second campus in the bustling city of Sydney, Robert grew up in the shadow of ICMS’ famous ‘castle on the hill’, and chose to further his studies at a campus close to home.

“I was born in Manly so I’m a local boy through and through,” Robert said. “What attracted me to study at ICMS was the location being close to home, receiving early entry to the college and the social aspects of life as an ICMS student.”

ICMS Sports Management Degree a Perfect Fit

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) is the perfect fit for Robert’s ambitions to work in the sports industry, tying his love of rugby into his dreams of a future career in sports.

Through the ICMS Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program Robert secured the role of Executive Assistant at the Manly Savers Rugby Club.

Manly Savers Rugby Club is over 110-years-old (established in 1909), and is a community- based rugby club closely aligned with Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches, which is a partner with ICMS in the ICMS Professional Scholarships Program.

“I work closely with the Manly Savers Rugby Club President and Vice President, attending board meetings and involving myself in monthly tasks where necessary,” Robert said.

His industry placement at Manly Savers Rugby Club has shown him that there are a number of roles where a sports management degree will enable him to find his career path.

“I have been given a broad range of assignments in my internship spanning from coaching, merchandising and sponsorships. This has given me a broader understanding of the sports industry and has isolated roles that I could see myself fulfilling later in life such as a coach, sports media or merchandising officer.”

Career Options for Sports Management Degree

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) will allow Robert to pursue these roles and more once he graduates next year. Other career options open to sports management students are as sponsorship managers, sports promotion managers, sports agents, sports facilities managers and more.

WIL means that every degree or course offered at ICMS includes relevant industry training as part of the study period, meaning students graduate with work experience on their CVs.

Students are individually placed in internships from ICMS’ network of over 1000 industry partners. It is this professional mentor approach that Robert benefited from in securing an internship at the Manly Savers Rugby Club which fitted his sports management degree background and desire to move forward in the sports industry.

“I have received tremendous support from the college in attaining my internship,” Robert said.

“Throughout my studies, I have had numerous teachers who genuinely care about the wellbeing and learning potential of myself and my peers. They challenge you to constantly grow and be better, both in and out of ICMS.”

Rugby Passion a Platform for Future Career

As a keen rugby player, Robert aims to build his career out of his passion, and is looking forward to what lies ahead.

“In the future, after having hopefully travelled the world and played many more games of footy, I would like to one day own my own gym or become a professional coach in Rugby Union,” he said.

With an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) degree and industry training at Manly Savers Rugby Club, Robert is just a drop kick away from making his career dreams a reality.

Study Sports with ICMS or International Sports College Australia (ISCA)

ICMS offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees besides the Bachelor of Business specialising in Sports Management that Robert has chosen. From business to marketing, entrepreneurship, property, accounting, events, hospitality, tourism and fashion, among others, there are a wide range of options open to students wishing to kickstart their career with a qualification from Australia’s leader in career-focused education.

Operating under the umbrella of ICMS, the International Sports College Australia (ISCA) offers a Diploma of Sports Management (High Performance) which can remain a standalone qualification, or act as a pathway to an ICMS Bachelor degree.

With campuses in Narabeen at the Sydney Academy of Sport and Recreation, and in the city of Sydney, using the Sydney University Sport & Fitness facilities, ISCA is the answer for sports-focused students looking to use their physical skills to translate into a career in the sports industry.

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