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Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business

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Business continues to be one of the most popular qualifications – and for good reason. A qualification in business equips graduates with universally sought-after skills and offers opportunities in so many diverse roles and industries. The Bachelor of Business is ideal for those who want to make a tangible contribution to the success and growth of a business, push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

Whether you choose to stay local or are ready to go global, a degree in business can fast-track your climb up the corporate ladder in any sector.

The ICMS Bachelor of Business is designed to position you for business success in any industry, with a focus on future-proofing you for adaptability in a rapidly changing world.

The Bachelor of Business offers:

26-subjects in total

  • 12 core business subjects
  • 12 elective subjects
  • 2 WIL (Work Integrated Learning) subjects

Bachelor of Business subjects focus on developing core business skills such as marketing; agile leadership and innovation problem solving, collaboration and managing people; strategic planning and innovative problem solving; and of course financial literacy. Our goal is to develop business leaders ready to take advantage of all that an international business career offers.

Business subjects are supplemented by elective subjects from a range of business areas. Your choices might include electives in marketing, international tourism, entrepreneurship, hospitality management, sports management and event management. You could also pick from specialist contemporary areas of business such as leadership, innovation or project management. This allows you to build a personalised educational experience that reflects your interest and ambitions.

At ICMS we believe that the best learning experience combines practical and ‘real world’ experience with a strong academic foundation. Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects are built into your degree, meaning you graduate with more than a degree – you’ll graduate with real world experience – and will have gained invaluable industry connections.

We have an impressive network of industry partners. These leading companies provide our ICMS community with invaluable industry insight and experience. When it is time to embark on your industry training, we work closely with them to find a suitable placement that is the best fit for your skills, interests and professional goals. Your industry training could take you to a major city, regional area or regional area in Australia. You could even take up a position in an international city. It is all part of finding the best placement for you. Not only is this an invaluable experience, it is also a chance to grow your professional network. For many of our graduates this experience introduces them to their future employers.

The Bachelor of Business is career-focused, and aims to develop contemporary knowledge and skills needed for success. This means:

  • Real-world assessments
  • Strong industry relationships
  • Developing 21st century skills, such as digital literacy, agile leadership and innovative problem solving
  • Everybody gets to complete a work placement in a business that aligns to their preferred industry
  • Access to personal study assistance and wellness support
  • An emphasis on professionalism which includes: business cards, interview preparation, wearing ‘business attire’ in class, setting up LinkedIn profiles, access to the Career Hub, mentoring from high achieving students and alumni, working with your Work Integrated Facilitator on your CV
  • In your final year of the Bachelor of Business, you will have the opportunity to participate in a ‘capstone’ subject, which allows you to choose a special area of focus within business, as a major project to test your abilities in addressing contemporary issues or problems in your area of interest.

There is no better preparation to make your mark in any sector of the business arena than with a Bachelor of Business.

Upon successful completion of the ICMS Bachelor of Business you will able to:

  • Develop, integrate and evaluate broad business theoretical and technical knowledge.
  • Conduct qualitative and/or quantitative applied research, analyse and apply findings to business practice.
  • Analyse data, create and communicate solutions to complex and unpredictable challenges.
  • Integrate ethical and sustainable solutions into global business practices.
  • Recognise and analyse business operations and challenges and identify and assess business solution.
  • Evaluate the most appropriate skills and technologies for the different challenges presented in business contexts.
  • Communicate effectively in diverse business contexts and across cultures.
  • Adapt business and specialist knowledge to provide effective responses to complex business contexts.
  • Critically examine team dynamics and effectively apply business management principles and motivational factors to diverse team environments.
  • Reflect on performance and evaluate feedback to design a pathway towards continual learning opportunities and self-improvement in business practices.
  • Manage and self-direct work and learning within the professional business environment.

Quick facts

*Please note: not all elective subjects are offered online
 In accordance with the Australian Government ESOS National Code international students on a student visa can only undertake 33% of their total enrolment load online and must be enrolled in at least one (1) on-campus subject in each compulsory study period. Learn more

Your journey to CEO

At ICMS we train you to be a leader in business. When you graduate with an ICMS Bachelor of Business you will have transferable skills, industry experience, and in-depth knowledge of business management principles in practice. This will see you ready for a career that spans industries and continents.

You could be working as a:

  • Business Manager
  • Franchisee
  • Business Owner/Founder
  • Business Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Retail Buyer
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Entrepreneur
  • Office Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Retail Account Manager
  • Warehouse Manager

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The course information on this website is indicative of a typical study pattern only and is subject to change. Enrolled students will be made aware of changes to their course structure or subjects.
Not all subjects are offered every trimester. The Academic Consulting Office can assist you with subject selection and structuring your course. A typical full-time study load is between 6 and 8 subjects per year (an equivalent to 24 credit points).

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