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Toasting friendship and achievements at ICMS Alumni Reunion Cocktail Party

Toasting friendship and achievements at ICMS Alumni Reunion Cocktail Party

November 16, 2023

CEOs, industry trailblazers and young business mavericks – otherwise known as former students of the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) – gathered to reconnect and celebrate at the recent ICMS Alumni Reunion Cocktail Party.

Held on 10 November at the ICMS Great Hall, the nostalgic event was attended by around 190 ICMS alumni, staff – past and present – and friends. It was organised by ICMS Bachelor of Event Management and Bachelor of Hospitality Management students.

ICMS was founded in 1996 and there are now over 10 000 ICMS alumni scattered around the world. The alumna who travelled the furthest to attend last week’s event – all the way from Germany – was X Ventures Associate Karl Rusche.

“As ICMS Alumni Manager it was my pleasure to welcome alumni back to the college,” said Natalie Harrison, Professional Placement and Alumni Manager and also a staff-member alumna.

“With our focus on mentorship at ICMS – as part of our professional mentor ethos – events such as these serve to develop deeper connections with alumni and students.”

Graduates who return to continue the ICMS legacy

Following guest speaker Stephenie Rodriguez’s inspiring speech, alumni mingled amid the canapés and champagne to catch up on life post-graduation.

While ICMS alumni have found professional success in varied industries across the globe, closer to home many ICMS graduates have returned to their alma mater as valued staff members. This includes ICMS CEO Rowan Courtney-O’Connor, Class of 2002.

“It was lovely to see so many familiar faces at the event. As an alum myself, I always enjoy the chance to reconnect.” he said.

“I especially enjoyed seeing Luigi again, since his retirement from ICMS a couple of years ago. He is an ICMS living legend, having worked at the campus since the days when it was a Seminary.”

A few other examples of the many ICMS alumni who have contributed to the college’s continued excellence in higher education are:

Many other former students have made valued contributions working with their alma mater, including:

  • Leadership coach Francisco Vasconcellos, a former ICMS lecturer and Senior Academic Program Manager (Business and Entrepreneurship)
  • Claudia Vique García, Class of 2017, worked in the ICMS Admissions Office
  • Joshua Rowland, Class of 2019, worked as bar Manager at ICMS and is now a Business Development Manager
  • Lochie Mortenson, Class of 2019 worked in the Domestic Development team and is now working at Voyager Tennis Academy
  • Michaela Mayes, Class of 2022, is a former SRC President and ICMS Marketing Communications Coordinator, and is currently Senior Client Implementation Executive at NOVA Entertainment
  • Samantha Hardiman, Class of 2022, former ICMS Marketing Coordinator, and still currently working in Marketing in Sydney
  • Juliette Wilson, Class of 2022, worked in the ICMS Marketing Department as a Digital Producer before leaving to make her mark as a Social Media Producer with Amplify
  • Angelina Shalygina, Class of 2018, worked in Student Experience and is now a Marketing Manager
  • Antoine Gulliet, Class of 2019, worked in operations and is now a Marketing Manager
  • Isabella Cabral, Class of 2023, worked in functions and now works at Premier Tennis in Queensland

Always a part of the ICMS network

While reunions are occasions that allow alumni to reminisce and recall fond memories of student days, the diverse community of ICMS alumni makes for a global network open to all who graduate from ICMS.

If you graduated from ICMS, please click here to keep up to date with alumni activities, update your details, or to sign up as part of the Mentor Connector program.

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