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Step-by-Step: How to work in Fashion Marketing

Step-by-Step: How to work in Fashion Marketing

March 31, 2023

If you have a knack for marketing and a passion for fashion, a career in Fashion Marketing will bring your creative and analytical skills together for personal and professional fulfillment.

A career in fashion marketing means taking an awareness of the industry and applying your marketing knowledge.

An ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Branding) will deliver exactly what you need to work in fashion marketing, given the combination of core business subjects, such as marketing, with a focus on the industry.

Step 1. Choose your degree carefully

Because of how fashion marketing straddles both the fashion and marketing world, you need to study a degree that offers the best of both these worlds.

The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Branding) offers subjects related to fashion, such as Introduction to the Fashion and Retail Industry (FBM101A) and Fashion Planning & Buying (FBM202A) alongside subjects such as Marketing (MKT101A) and Creativity and Innovation for Business (ENT201A).

These are just four of the 26 subjects you will take over the course of your degree, which is made up of 12 core business subjects, 12 specialist and elective subjects, and 2 Work Integrated Learning Subjects (industry placement / internship).

Step 2. Get experience in fashion and marketing before you graduate

As mentioned above, an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Brand Management) degree includes two WIL subjects, which is up to 600 hours of internship.

ICMS places you in your internship while you are still a student, so you gain real work experience as part of your degree.

What’s so special about internships? The obvious answer is that you can get your foot in the door and your face known to the industry’s movers and shakers before you graduate.

At ICMS, industry partners such as Christian Dior and Fendi completely fit the mould and these are places you could gain experience as an intern at. Other ICMS industry partners include Under Armour, Strandbags, Juju & Co, NEON MGMT and more.

Step 3. Network, Network, Network!

Networking is crucial in any industry, and fashion marketing is no exception.

At ICMS, networking is encouraged through ICMS MasterClasses and industry events. The higher education institutions connections are your connection, so use them to your advantage.

MasterClasses get you up close and personal with industry leaders making their mark on the fashion world, and they share their tips on how to market their brands, and themselves – and how you can do this too.

For example, entrepreneur and influencer Sophia Kim shared how she used crafty marketing to build her swimwear brand, Siempre Golden.

Iconic designer and Australian legend Alex Perry shared his secrets to success in the industry.

It’s hard to put a value on connections and networking because this practice is priceless – and will get you where you want to be in the fashion marketing game.

Step 4. Just go for it

Working in fashion marketing can be a fulfilling and rewarding career choice if you go about it in the right way.

Lay your foundation properly – by getting an authentic academic understanding of both fashion and marketing, then build your career layer by layer through networking and making the right connections.


Here are a few extra tips to get you started on your path to professional success in the industry:

* Develop an understanding of the industry by researching trends, following influencers, and networking with like-minded professionals

* Gain experience in various fields, including design, photography, business management, and digital marketing

* Learn how to create effective campaigns that capture the essence of a brand and its target audience

* Create an online portfolio showcasing your work and highlighting your accomplishments

* Pitch ideas to potential employers or clients and be prepared to negotiate contracts

* Keep up with current trends in fashion marketing by attending conferences and reading publications in order to stay ahead of your competitors

To find out more about the ICMS Bachelor of Business (Fashion and Global Branding), click here.



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