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What is a Bachelor of Business?

What is a Bachelor of Business?

February 17, 2023

A Bachelor of Business is a professional degree that provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve career success in the world of business.

It is an undergraduate academic degree program that typically covers a broad range of business-related topics such as accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, human resources and more.

The program is designed to prepare students for careers in various industries by providing them with a strong foundation in key concepts, practices, and skills. Students may also have the opportunity to specialise in a particular area, such as entrepreneurship, marketing or human resources.

Five Advantages of a Bachelor of Business Degree

  1. You will have increased job opportunities.
  2. Your degree automatically increases your earning potential compared to colleagues without a degree.
  3. You may have the chance to connect with more people and to travel more.
  4. You could possibly be in the running for higher positions in the company in the future.
  5. You may receive more job perks, including insurance and retirement plans.

Building a solid foundation 

A Bachelor of Business degree is an excellent choice for any student looking to gain a solid foundation in principles and practices.

Not only will they benefit from core business subjects and electives suited to their interests, but it could also give them access to valuable networking opportunities, with potential employers and joint ventures likely becoming available.

Ultimately, obtaining such an undergraduate degree can be seen as an important career milestone and serious tool for launching students into the corporate world.

At ICMS, students can build their degree around their ambitions. The career-focused higher education institute’s Bachelor of Business allows students to pick a range of electives each year.

Over the three year degree, students take 26 subjects, of which 12 are electives and two are Work Integrated Learning (WIL) subjects where students undertake an internship with an ICMS industry partner.

Examples of ICMS Bachelor of Business Subjects:

Pathway to Success (BUS101A)

Management Solutions for a Changing World (MGT101A)

Creativity & Innovation for Business (ENT201A)

Ethics, Sustainability & Profit (MGT301A)

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential (MGT201A)

Examples of electives (as part of a BB):  

* Consumer Behaviour (MKT102A)

* Tourism, Technology and Innovation (TOU101A)

* Entrepreneurial Business Model and Launch (ENT202A)

* Brand Management and Product Innovation (FBM201A)

* Sports Marketing (SPO201A)

* Corporate Finance (ACC301A)

* Property Investment and Finance (PRO300A)

A degree shows employers you mean business

A bachelor degree is often the minimum qualification sought by employers looking to place an employee with a view to progressing that person to a more senior management-level role.

Attaining a degree from a reputable institution is essential for today’s college graduates, as it provides them with the skills and knowledge necessary to become independent in the workforce.

A degree recognizes a student’s hard work and shows employers that they possess the qualifications required to succeed in a professional setting. This can greatly enhance an individual’s career prospects by providing them with recognition and credibility.

As such, a higher education degree is becoming increasingly important for those looking to develop their capabilities and further themselves professionally.

Message from an ICMS alumnus, Andrew MacGregor

“I have always been intrigued and interested in business, and I grew up with talk about the family business. My interest was aided by my strong entrepreneurial drive from an early age and I was fixated on the idea of being able to one day create and lead an organisation of my own,” he said in an interview published on the ICMS website.

“In my later years of high school my fascination with business grew the more I learnt and, consequently, I decided I would pursue a degree and hopefully a career in business management.”

Andrew Macgregor completed an ICMS Bachelor of Business in 2017, and has just secured a role as an Investment Banking Associate at Piper Sandler in New York, USA, after four years at ANZ. His fulltime role at ANZ followed an ICMS internship at this leading Australian bank and ICMS industry partner.

Graduate with a degree of experience

A Bachelor of Business from ICMS is a three year degree with four subjects per trimester, as well as an included Industry Training component.

The bachelor degree program offers more than just a traditional academic qualification, providing students with the opportunity to receive industry training, build relationships with employers, and develop valuable skills for their future endeavours.

When hiring for a managerial position, employers typically seek applicants who have a bachelor’s degree or higher as the minimum qualification for the role.

ICMS industry partners include:


* Ubisoft

* Under Armour

* Maven

* Konnect Learning and

* AGS (Advance Global Study) and more!

Looking ahead to your career 

Completing a Bachelor of Business is an excellent investment for students looking to pursue a career in business or finance. As part of the degree, you’ll gain knowledge and skills in management and accounting, giving you the background required to jumpstart your career in a variety of industries.

The chance to interact with professionals in the working world will also provide valuable insights into the expectations and day-to-day operations of companies.

With this information and advanced training, graduates of the Bachelor of Business have a competitive edge in landing jobs that launch their desired career paths.

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* ICMS, located in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, and in the city of Sydney, Australia, offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas alongside the Bachelor of Business variations. To find out more, click here.

Photograph: ICMS alumnus Edward Hillier, who graduated in 2021 with a full time role at EG Funds Management following an ICMS WIL Internship at the company while an ICMS student.


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