As leaders in the business and corporate world, entrepreneurs know how to look at things differently, to identify opportunities and balance calculated risk with the potential rewards.
Entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught. As an entrepreneur you’ll challenge convention, disrupt the status quo and seek solutions where others see none. You’ll need to be energetic, goal oriented and driven - not afraid to chase your dreams.
With entrepreneurial skills you could become founder of your own start-up, be part of a larger organisation driving change, or simply create a balanced lifestyle where you choose to work on things that light you up, that motivate you and where you get to live by your own rules.
The ICMS Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) is designed to position you for success as an entrepreneur in any industry, with a focus on future-proofing you for adaptability in a rapidly changing world.
You will learn how to build, promote and manage your own business by understanding the processes used by start-ups and rapid growth small firms, as well as large corporations and non-profits. Core and specialist entrepreneurship subjects are supplemented by elective subjects from a range of business areas. Your choices might include electives in marketing, international tourism, hospitality management, sports management and event management. You could also pick from specialist contemporary areas of business such as leadership, innovation or project management. This allows you to build a personalised educational experience that reflects your interest and ambitions. These subjects will help you to think creatively and to open opportunities to become an economic innovator. 


At ICMS we believe that the best learning experience combines practical and ‘real world’ experience with a strong academic foundation. Our Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is built into your degree and will prepare you for future success in the business world.

Our Connections are Your Connections

We have an impressive network of industry partners. These leading companies provide our ICMS community with invaluable industry insight and experience. When it is time to embark on your industry training, we work closely with them to find a suitable placement that is the best fit for your skills, interests and professional goals. Your industry training could take you to a major city, regional area or regional area in Australia. You could even take up a position in an international city. It is all part of finding the best placement for you. Not only is this an invaluable experience, it is also a chance to grow your professional network. For many of our graduates this experience introduces them to their future employers.

Learn from the Best in the Business

The teaching of this course integrates the practical experience of industry specialists with a more formal academic approach, providing you with a practical perspective on today’s business sector.

All about your Career Success

The Bachelor of Business is career-focused, and aims to develop contemporary knowledge and skills needed for success. This means:
  • Strong industry relationships
  • Developing 21st century skills, such as digital literacy 
  • Everybody gets to complete a work placement in a business that aligns to their preferred industry
  • Access to personal study assistance and wellness support
  • An emphasis on professionalism which includes: business cards, interview preparation, wearing 'business attire' in class, setting up LinkedIn profiles, access to the Career Hub, mentoring from high achieving students and alumni, working with your Work Integrated Facilitator on your CV
In your final year, you will have the opportunity to participate in a ‘capstone’ subject to test your abilities in addressing contemporary issues or problems in the area in which you may forge a career.
There is no better preparation to steer your own destiny in any sector of the business arena than with a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship).


At ICMS we train you to be a leader in business. When you graduate with an ICMS Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) you will have transferable skills, industry experience, and in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurial principles in practice. This will see you ready to be your own boss in a career that spans industries and continents.
You could be working as a:
Entrepreneur Management Consultant Business Owner
Sales Manager Marketing Manager Operations Director
Intrepreneur Office Manager Business Manager
Director of Innovation Director of Development Director of Capital and Growth


CRICOS Course Code: 101115
UAC Course Code: 530018
Accreditation Status: Active
AQF Level: 7
Campus: Northern Beaches Campus, Manly  | online
Duration:3 3 years (or part-time equivalent)
Industry Training: Yes (minimum 600 hours)
FEE-Help: Yes (DFEE)
Study Mode: on-campus | online
Start: Feb, May & Sept
Annual Indicative Student Enrolments: n/a (new curriculum)



Course and Subject Details


  • Pathway to Success
  • Management Solutions for a Changing World
  • Entrepreneurship Foundations and Mindset
  • Financial and Commercial Literacy
  • Venture Ideation and Validation
  • Marketing
  • Global Citizenship
  • Data Informed Decision Making
  • Economics for Managers
  • Creativity & Innovation for Business
  • Entrepreneurial Business Model & Launch
  • Business Law for Managers


  • Professional Placement I
  • Professional Placement II
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Elective 200
  • Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
  • Elective 200


  • Elective 300
  • Elective 300
  • Funding and Financial Modelling
  • Entrepreneurial Operations and Growth 
  • Capstone
  • Ethics, Sustainability & Profit
  • Elective 300
  • Elective 300

The course information on this website is indicative of a typical study pattern only and is subject to change. Enrolled students will be made aware of changes to their course structure or subjects.

Not all subjects are offered every trimester. The Academic Consulting Office can assist you with subject selection and structuring your course.

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Sophie Connelley
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My ICMS degree equipped me with the business skills, presentation and discipline required to succ

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The ICMS degree has allowed me to develop a broad range of skills and attributes that have enable

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CMS took into consideration other attributes aside from grades for course selection.

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