Innovation In Event Concept And Design (PG)

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Subject Aim:

The subject will equip you with the skills and knowledge you will need to design an event that will capture the imagination of residents and visitors, boost visitor numbers to a destination and appropriately communicate the brand personality and individuality of that place.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Design an event from concept to evaluation utilising a range of create and critical analysis skills.
  2. Engage in appropriate and independent event development research.
  3. Undertake a full event feasibility study.
  4. Prepare a comprehensive business case to present to a major Events Board for approval.
  5. Have knowledge of best practice events in terms of innovation and design across Australia and globally.
  6. Understand the critical success factors for major events.

Student Assessment:

Exams will take place in weeks 15 & 16. Please refer to the official Exam Timetable for further information.

Assessment One: Individual Event Concept and Design – Presentation and Written Report Over the first 6 weeks of classes there will be extensive discussions around a range of innovative events. After discussion and individual research students will be required to present their own original event concept, it will include broad and topline considerations. The presentation will also be accompanied by a short event concept report. The presentation and report should reflect key concepts presented and discussed in class.

Assessment Two: Site visit case study write-up The events industry is highly practical and hands-on so it is important for students to get a feel for the people who work in the industry and listen to their insights around event innovation. There will be 3 site visits undertaken over the course of the semester and students will be required to critically assess and analyse one of those experiences and write a report on one site visit. A template will be provided.

Assessment Three: Creation of a WIKI Students will participate in a creation of a WIKI. Each student will be required to upload an event case study using a globally recognised event as the example. Students will create an event profile for the example outlining the key messaging, positive impacts and concept details for the event.

Assessment Four: Group presentations and written business case for major events board The culmination of the semester will be the group presentations of an original event concept. The presentation and report should be in the form of a business case that could be presented to a Minister and a Major Events Board that has public and private sector representatives sitting on it. This is a detailed business case and presentation that will form the major assessment. The presentation will be asking for a certain amount of event investment dollars and a panel will provide feedback on the day. The written report is crucial and will form part of the assessment.